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04-14-2010, 02:06 PM
Good afternoon tankspot!

I've been asked to go retribution by my new guild, so I am working on making a ret set. I've saved up 60 frost badges and was planning on buying the belt as my next upgrade.

Using Rawr, and plugging my paladin in, its recommending that I use the leather belt from frost badges. The leather belt is coming up as much better than the plate or the mail belt for my toon. I thought it may just have to do with some stats, so I checked it out wearing a full set of T10 and the leather belt became BiS on Rawr.

I just dont see how its better than the plate. Its got less AP for Armor pen and Haste.

Am I wrong to think that neither Haste or Armor Pen play a big part in a ret pally's DPS? I dont really cast, so Haste only increases my white damage. And the majority of my damage is magic, so Armor Pen wouldn't play a major roll in it.

My Armory

Leather belt

vs Plate Belt

04-15-2010, 06:50 AM
I'm not sure why it would be that good for Ret for the reasons you already stated but I armoried 3 of the top progression guilds on my server doing ICC 25 hard modes and several Ret Paladins were using the Vengeful Noose socketed with strength gems. Hopefully a more knowledgeable Ret can post here as to why this is but it would seem that Rawr is being pretty accurate on judging what belt is better dps for you. According to Elitist Jerks the list for normal BiS gear is Coldwraith Links for the belt, but BiS lists only apply if you have all those pieces. Rawr goes off your current stats and what's a dps upgrade for you at the time.