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Sir Ralen
04-13-2010, 06:10 PM
I have a conundrum. Its name is Death Knight.
There's a very nice DK in our guild who's been running as blood DPS with us for awhile. He's a smart guy and he knows the fights for as much progression as we've had.

The problem? His DPS isn't so hot! And I don't know how to help!

He knows that his DPS isn't super awesome and he's trying to fix it, and I'm trying to lend a hand but I don't know a thing about DKs! And it doesn't seem like any of our other regular raiders do either.

So my question: How do I keep on him about his DPS without being a jerk, and what's the best rotation for a well geared blood DPS DK? He's the highest geared melee DPS in our guild.

As an additional note, I clock him as doing around 4k in mobile fights, and about 5k on Saurfang. His gear score by the GS addon is just under 6k.

04-13-2010, 06:43 PM
Blood DPS is an extremely tight rotation. The basic rotation is very simple: DS-IT-PS-HS-HS for the first rotation. Every FU pair should be DS. Every blood and death runes should be HS. Use a blood or death rune on Pestilence to refresh diseases before they drop. Dump RP with DC when you have nothing else to do. Always use runes as quickly as possible. Pop DRW at the beginning of a rotation and reapply diseases. Use Empower Rune Weapon during DRW to increase burst.

Like fury warriors, blood DPS is very gear dependent. In addition to needing the sunder armor debuff, he needs 26 expertise and 8% hit rating. Blood DPS cannot fall below those numbers, the rotation is too tight. Bad latency will also hurt blood dps significantly more than unholy or frost. Blood DPS also needs significant armor penetration to be competitive.

How to break it to him? Well, that's hard. It sounds like he knows he's not up to par. Have him create a profile somewhere with a fake name and post it here. We can look over his gear, spec and glyphs without identifying him directly.

That's about all I have to offer. More information like your raid size, dungeon level and possibly raid comp (if 10 man) would be helpful. More specifics about your friend's gear, spec and glyphs would be most helpful.

Sir Ralen
04-13-2010, 07:50 PM
That's about all I have to offer. More information like your raid size, dungeon level and possibly raid comp (if 10 man) would be helpful. More specifics about your friend's gear, spec and glyphs would be most helpful.

We do two guild ICC 10 runs now, and we're running an ICC 25 with quite a few pugs. Our raid composition for team one is: Druid/Paladin tank, Shaman/Priest/Paladin heals, and Rogue, Warlock, Death Knight, Mage, and Warrior on DPS. One of the healers shuffles to DPS for some fights.

His gear is mostly tier 10, with a few 10.5 and 9.5, as well as the NES from HFoS.

04-14-2010, 01:07 AM
If he is interested in improving, getting another perspective on his class may help. Ask if he would be interested in trying Unholy for a few weeks. I've often found a fresh look at things stimulates my performance.

After a couple of weeks I bet he will have an improvement in his dps - either as unholy or as blood.

04-14-2010, 02:44 AM
Tell him to start using key binds if he isnt already. Since the blood rotation is very tight, clicking buttons doesnt work very well. Same with frost but because its priority based. Unholy is actually quite playable clicking since the rotation is fairly set and not so tight (been trying on my laptop without my game pad a few times). All in all I think unholy is a very forgiving spec and even mroe soe since the last patch when having disseases falling off is less of a loss (even though one shouldnt let it happen too often). Unholy also lets him use his two hander where Frost DW might require him to get new weapons.

Not saying this to upset you or him but as you already know it, 5k on Saurfang 10 man or 25 man, is just not ok with his gear level. Suggest to him he checks up Unholy as susggested by by someone above and make sure he remembers to switch glyphs as well (this is something I personally often forget to do when I respec)

04-15-2010, 07:06 AM
What are his stats like? I'm not sure if I would post someone else's armory link but at least provide his basic melee stats such as hit, expertise and armor pen ratings. Also you could export his talent spec to the WoW calculator and then link it from there so others could identify possible errors.