View Full Version : My guilds comp

04-13-2010, 08:39 AM
well i started a raiding guild on friday and i have the tier 1 set, now we have a rogue, 2 pallies (ret and prot), 2 wars (fury and prot), hunter, shaman, druid, lock, and priest, the pally and war tank, and the druid and priest are going to heal (priest is disc), and the shaman has a healng spec, now i was wondering if this seems like a good setup with the only classes being missed as a mage and dk. thx for the feedback

04-13-2010, 08:45 AM
It sounds like a good comp to me. There's really a lot of flexibility in raid comp makeup now, especially since there's drums to cover some buffs that might be missing, or in the case of paladins, you can still use the drums of forgotten kings. For example, if we only have 1 paladin, we can drum kings and the pally does class-specific buffs.

Ret Pally and Prot warrior is a really good combination for tanking, too. For example, the tanking on magic and physical resistant adds in deathwhisper are both covered, and the prot pally can easily kite the big ooze on rotface. And you have a good spread of healer types. My guild really likes the shammy/priest/druid healing combo. Its really, really flexible.