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04-13-2010, 07:58 AM

I appreciate the fact that this thread exists and allows us to ask for help as personally I just don't know where to turn to for some honest and useful comments about my gear.

I have linked my armory page to my first ever character, level 80, fury dps warrior.

As I am still relatively new to wow, I am still learning a lot about this and am open to all comments :p

I read constantly that Armor Penetration is the way to go for a fury warrior so i've been gemming a max for this. I don't yet have the best gear as I have not yet started raiding as much as I would like to so it is mainly through frost emblems, instance drops & some made items that I have geared my warrior.

My stats are :
Speed 3.26 (Haste rating 142)
Power 4254
Hit 437 (13.33%)
ArP 878 (62.73%)
Crit 36.10%
Exp 26

I see so many different figures out there about the ratings I should be aiming for and soft/hard cap (which to be honest I don't quite understand what that means). I do not know what my stats should be for a good dps fury warrior.

My DPS is not great so I am definitely going wrong somewhere....

Rotation is : WW - BT - Slam - BT - Heroic Strike or Cleave (if rage is generally over 70) - WW - BT etc etc

I use Victory Rush when it is up and Execute towards the end of a fight to replace slam

I save Recklessness & Death Wish for the long fights or boss's.

Sometimes I can get up to 5K dps in a fight but that is rare and generally in an instance I will be at around 3.4K DPS. ICC is higher but never much more than 4.6K.

Others with much lower gear than me are hitting easily 5/6K DPS and sometimes higher so I need to know where I am going wrong and what my priority changes are to be.

I am now thinking of changing the ArP gems back to Strength but due to the cost would like some feedback first of all.

Thank you very much for your time, it will be greatly appreciated :p


04-13-2010, 08:18 AM
Hit cap with 3/3 precision is 164 hit. That's all you need. Past that, you're better off getting pieces with AP, ARP, or Crit. More hit isn't a useless, its just not very valuable.

With that in mind I would look to replace your 2 trinkets immediately. Even if something has a lower ilevel like Banner of Victory or Needle Encrusted Scorpion, its going to be much better for you.

Youve done a good job of hitting the expertise cap of 26, but I think your priority should be to either get Ramaladni's out of ICC10 to up your expertise or to run TOC25 for either the expertise belt or expertise boots that drop. That way you can drop the expertise gems/enchants.

You should only be using epic gems. Get rid of that 6 stats gem and put a Nightmares Tear into a piece of gear with a blue socket that has a good socket bonus. Change your meta to the one that gives you 21 agi and 3% more crit damage.

Spec looks good. I prefer glyph of cleaving to glyph of execute. During sub 20% HP i keep slamming as its more rage efficient than executes. I only execute if I have tons of rage and I have an empty global cooldown with no instant slam.

Just to be clear, you're only using slam when it procs an instant cast right?

04-13-2010, 08:26 AM
So lets start with a few things about your rotation.
No slam unless it is proccing ( i am guessing these high DPS fights are when you slam is proccing where you like to use it out of luck) Never fill in an empty Global with a cast slam it takes away white swings and rage generation which can cause problems.
Never save recklessness or Deathwish every boss fight every time use it as soon as the tank is aggro comfortable and pop it all that you can(if your keeping the haste proc trinket use that haste proc when you use DW)
Tie those abilities togeteher garunteed crits on 2 BT and a WW is big damage especcially when they are hitting 40% than a normal crit (20% from deathwish is duobled on your crits)

The slam thing is huge, though your casting it and thats a killer.

However Lets do a gear check bro see what you can swap and find some easy upgrades that can be had in LFD.
TRinkets: I wuold love to see you drop the two you have now not one not the haste one BOTH. why? because they both have hit alot of hit and your way over cap without em.
So lets look at some good replacements that are available off the AH and off the easymode dungeons.
Darkmoon Card Death
Not the best no but it beats what you have Stop by the AH and see what it costs i grabbed on for 150g on deathwing US
Banner Of victory
I REALLY reccomend this trinket it has ArP (YAY) and the proc is similiar to your mark of supremacy. this thing is amazing comes form a regualr dungeon swap to prot que manually in LFG tool and start running till it drops Good luck man.
Mirror of truth
if you have emblems to spare (key word there) trade them down and grab this if you dont want to farm or if the death card isnt your cup of tea.

Otherwise all of your gear is excellent if you can only tweak a few gems enchants for me.
grab a new meta this one to be exact
swap your boot enchants to cats swiftness ( you still want that run speed brother
Put berserker on both weapons IT CAN STACK

Your Cloak, hate to tell you this, you shuold have gotten the agility cloak.

04-13-2010, 08:37 AM

Actually that cloak is fine, especially considering how under the expertise cap she is. It's best in slot according to LandSouls pre-hardmodes.

Darkmoon Card Death is not a terrible choice but Greatness is better. But I probably wouldn't waste the time/gold going for either. Just get Needle Encrusted Scorpion + Banner and wait for Whispering Fanged Skull to drop.

I also disagree with the meta choice. You're going to want to go with the Agi + Crit meta because it only requires 1 blue gem, not 2.
I assume the OP is going to put Berserking on her off-hand when she gets an upgrade, I hope so anyway :)

04-13-2010, 08:55 AM
IDK how i missed those expertise gems i saw epic and red-ish and assumed i guess /facepalm. As for greatness the high cost is why i didnt mention it but death is dirt cheap and not bad to start with (better than what is in slot FOR SURE)
this is the meta sky is talking about
he is right easier to active becuase you only have to nightmare one blue slot and use a crit STR in a yellow socket

04-13-2010, 11:55 AM
Wow, guys thanks very much!
Excellent advice there and i'm going to get on it straight away!
I was using Slam as an automatic part of the rotation and not just when it procs an instant so i'll try for that too.
Thanks again :p
Nice to have some sensible answers...I tried elitist jerks out and the word jerk is definitely what sums up the help i got!

04-13-2010, 12:08 PM
The slam is whats killing you never cast it it only puases your timer now so it isnt that bad if you accidently start one but move if it starts to cast to break it.

04-13-2010, 12:11 PM
I was using Slam as an automatic part of the rotation and not just when it procs an instant so i'll try for that too.

Slam should only be used when it procs an instant cast. If you use it when you don't have an instant slam you're going to have to stand there and "cast" it. During that time your melee swings are paused and you're not generating additional rage. Less rage = can't keep BT and WW on cooldown.

Try using an addon to alert you when the instant slam is available. ClassTimers or PowerAuras.

NEVER cast slam :) It's a big DPS loss.

04-14-2010, 12:12 AM
Again thanks...great feedback

04-14-2010, 11:05 AM
Agree with the above comments, just want to touch/add on to a few things. I don't know the exact numbers, but spamming Execute at the end of a fight nerfs your DPS pretty bad, stick to your regular rotation. NEVER use slam unless it is instant!!!!!!!!!

I would also think about dropping in a Glyph of Heroic Strike and just mashing it when on single-target fights. With all the crit boosts and increased critical strike damage in our build, this is a great glyph to have. Looking at my recount after boss fights, I usually have around a 50% crit on it. Everytime it crits I get 10 more rage for free =)

Finally, I know its just for trash, but you could also think about the Glyph of cleaving, especially since you are spec'd into Improved Cleave. Getting that extra target is huge on trash pulls.

Ok and one more thing =P, if I were you, I would take those two points out of improved rend, in the arms tree. That's not usable while in Berserker stance. The 3 points in Iron Will is also somewhat of a waste, seems more like a pvp spec to me.
Take those 5 points out of Commanding Presence and put em into Unbridled Wrath, it'll help with your rage generation which I think could also be affecting your DPS.

Feel free to check out my build, I love it! =) And yes, tank is my "main" now, but I started and levelled all the way to 80 as fury =) I still run dungeons and the random raid as dps, average about 4500-5000 dps depending on the fight. I'm usually in the top 7 or so in 25-mans, while being in the bottom 5 on the gearscore check.


10-05-2010, 05:59 AM
Definately use a mod to help with the slam proc. I use BloodSurge myself and i never miss a proc now. It yells Slam and flashes the icon on the screen.

10-05-2010, 06:08 AM
Oooh... Necromancer XD

10-05-2010, 08:47 AM
Ok and one more thing =P, if I were you, I would take those two points out of improved rend, in the arms tree. That's not usable while in Berserker stance. The 3 points in Iron Will is also somewhat of a waste, seems more like a pvp spec to me.
Take those 5 points out of Commanding Presence and put em into Unbridled Wrath, it'll help with your rage generation which I think could also be affecting your DPS.

I Highly Dissagree with this on a few levels
#1 Rend weaving is a Huge dps increase
#2 With a 251 Offhand S/He shouldn't need Unbridled wraith if they are doing the rotation correctly, Commanding presence Is a Much better option if you dont have anyone else in your Raid group doing IMP Battle Shout/BoM OR Commanding Shout
#3 Iron will is awesome out side of PvP, I get Blood Sapped Quite a Bit.
Finaly If you relize that you are the only battle shout/commanding shout, Take your Point out of Anger management and Imp Zerger Rage, and put those points into Booming Voice, Keep in mind if you die and get BR'd you probley should be Battle shouting as soon as you are up to get that ap bonus.