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I can no longer sit here and read this feed after feed of dribbling FILTH. I have patiently read through most of your ideas and gripes about how, you have experienced, holy paladins to be played. First of all, if you are a healer you must look at all the spells you have, find the ones designed to work together, design spell combo ideas you can use in different situations and burn them into your memory for use if the situation demands it. For example, when I am healing and I have only one tank.... my best combo so far is to have a warlock in the group willing to put up demon armor, It increases the healing on the warlock by 20% so by casting beacon on the tank and casting my heals on the warlock, the tank gets 120% of my heal directed to him.... in return, the warlock is allowed to basically life tap himself into oblivion if he wants which offers an endless mana pool for the warlock, a higher heal at your tank, and a very effective way to use spell combo's to your advantage. That being said, I know this combo but I have only once used it because warlock generally run Fel Armor and I won't ask players to change their ways for me.
If you are only casting flash of light and Holy light as a holy paladin, YOU FAIL, end of story, go home and re-roll a different toon. Paladins are a utility class, we always have been. We have the spells to either drastically help or doom a raid or group. The difference will be in the timing of those spells and choosing the right utility spell. A holy pally that specs into different aspects of your talent tree and doesn't use them is a fool and retarded.
I will admit that on my server I am highly regarded by my heals even though they are not the strongest for the highest HPS they have seen.... one thing remains... I am a healer with the ability to do the ONE thing that NO OTHER CLASS can do and that is recognize a situation as falling apart andcast my Hand of Sacrifice on the tank and BUBBLE (taking a % of the dmg and drawing it to me but because of the bubble the dmg goes NOWHERE but into nonexistance.... then continue to stand in AoE boss spells and effects === which would be certain death for ANY other class, pop all my cool downs and have the spell haste to be a "Texas shooter healadin" with splash heals for the lower priority members. Then throw in my lay on hands to give the tank "which would be taking any other healers FULL spamming attention" a second chance while I pop off heal bombs and cleanses with such beautiful artistic grace for the next few seconds, Drop off a hand of protection on the first warlock, mage, druid I see in trouble, renew my sacred shield on the tank and follow it with a divine favor'd flash of light in time to HAUL and I mean BOOK IT into a safe area of the encounter that won't cause massive damage and fall back into that holy light, flash of light spamming fool you all think us to be. Druids battle rez others than fall in the fight, AFTER they die. Shamans have a self pop for AFTER they die, and priest have that dumb form of casting a few extra heals AFTER they die....
But a paladins emergency tactics are the only ones designed to be done BEFORE the emergency is nearing the point of no return. We are able to attempt to prevent the deaths from happening in the first place. You just gotta have a friggin head on yourself and have the pure inner desire to cast and do whatever is needed to make sure the raid gets through that fight.

I am proud to be a holy pally and I'm a good one because I use everything including hand of salvation to guide the fights the way *I* want them to go.

Last thing... my rant aside.... as much as I pray you leave it alone, Beacon of light is performing an imbalance vs other healing class vs. abilities and expect something undesirable to happen to our little precious.

Too all you that are reading this just to say I'm wrong... I'll save you time and admit maybe I am the only one that uses my spells the way I do and thus admit to the idea that to the general population the paladin is too much of a tactical healer to be played well by the educated public.