View Full Version : US [A] Proudmoore <Infamy> Australian 6/12 HM25 Guild needs Mages, Shadow Priest

04-13-2010, 05:54 AM

Infamy is a progression-focused 25-man raiding guild on the US-Proudmoore server. We offer a competitive raiding environment with people from all over Australia and New Zealand (along with a token contingent of American insomniacs).

Infamy’s philosophy:

We operate on the principle "raid less, achieve more". We run a slimmer raiding schedule than many similar guilds, and maintain a tight-knit raiding force with a roster of 30-35 members. We ensure all our raiders face as much new content as possible.

What we are looking for:

Two mages of extraordinary skill. Chart-busting DPS and great awareness are what we are looking for.

One shadow priest with a discipline offspec. You should be equally at home “melting face” to victory as you are spamming bubbles and heals around the raid. This position is primarily shadow, switching to disc for appropriate fights.

Outstanding players in other ranged DPS classes are also welcome to apply.

Raid times:

Infamy raids three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 8:00pm until 11:30pm Sydney time.

What we offer:

Participate in end game content at exceptional skill levels in an environment that is friendly, mature and hard working. We offer our members the ability to see new bosses before strategies have been refined, and to actively participate in the development of strategies to see the boss slain at your feet.

At the end of the day we also realise that WoW is a game and we always have fun as we push new content.

What we require of you:

Infamy is a progression-focused guild and we expect our members to be aware (don't stand in the fire), adaptive (even if the fire is blue) and observant (unless it is a good fire to be standing in). We expect you to have a serious approach to raiding and to spend time outside of raids to understand both your class and raid encounters.

A solid internet connection is mandatory, and with our smaller raid force we require an 80%+ attendance in order to ensure people do get nights off when needed.

Infamy is currently focused on Icecrown Citadel hard modes and we expect applicants to have an appropriate level of gear for that content.

How to apply:

Post an application on our forums at www.infamy-guild.com (http://www.infamy-guild.com) or speak to Jynks (or Malks), Muletia, Katri, Avátar or Kalthor in-game. We also accept private applications via PM on our forums to Mule or Jynks.