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04-12-2010, 05:06 PM

We are accepting players singularly and in most group forms. For transfer players you will most likely get a raid spot depending on skill/gear/attendence. We are in need of 1 holy priest, and possibly a few other healers, but also DPS (wchich is our main concern). Please send me an in game mail if you have any interest and visit our website. We would like to bring in outside talent so please take us very seriously we plan on downing LK within the month. Thanks.

Sanity has come to Cenarius. We are an end game guild with a very accomplished 10 man group on our old server. While our core group of raiders are transferring to Cenarius, we are still looking for dedicated players to push our 25 man group to an equivalent standard and level of progression as our 10 man runs.

To apply Please go to our website and use the template in the forums:


WE ARE IN NEED OF STRONG DPS PLAYERS. (we are still accepting good tanks and heals as well, they are just not as high a priority)

Raid Times:

25 ICC, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Sun 7:15-11:30
Raids may extend longer than set times. Donít apply if you canít make at least the duration of set raid times.

Loot System: Regulated DKP
What that means is that we will not let people roll on things they do not need or are not the right class for etc. IF someone still tries to do so we will tell you why you're wrong in detail if need be. For example, if you're a mage do not roll on mp5 gear, because if you're running out of mana bad enough that you need Mp5 thats a problem in and of its own.

Expectations from our raid members :

We are looking for players who can make 85% of all raids and care about progression. You do not have to be a player in full 25 man ICC to become a member of our guild but we do expect you to work hard and make your toon the best it can be. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU CAN JOIN ON A SCRUB ALT. If you are not a good player and do not learn quickly, even your gear cannot be a crutch to your raid spot. If you make a mistake you will be corrected; be prepared for criticism. If you continue to make the same mistake you will be benched for someone else.

When you apply what we will mainly be looking at is your past raid experience if you have worked on any hard modes such as Ulduar 10 and 25 man, ToC and ToGC and if you do not have a lot of raid achievements please give an explanation why. Be prepared to defend yourself.

Guild Standard:

The quality and standard of player we are looking for is a minimum 7k DPS with 25 man buffs on a single target boss. Healers we expect you to be able to explain your rotation if asked and give a brief overview of your healing strengths; Be prepared to defend yourself. 18+, and no drama wh0res. We will not turn down younger members but they are expected to be held to the standard of the guild as a representative of the guild. Donít be a douche, and if you are one, then be a funny one. (All Officers agree with that last statement.) YET do not let it create a problem with the raid.

Our guild looks to provide a place for you to have fun, enjoy your time spent in game and down plenty of raid content. We will allow friends/family to join the guild if they are interested in hanging out but not raiding.

We are currently progresing towards the Lich King and plan on downing him as soon as we have the raid Comp to do it. I only ask that you do not judge our progression before applying to our guild as to the fact we were on the 210th worst server in the US, and that is out of 240 servers.

In 10 man we are 11/12
25 man we are 7/12 ( were extremely close to 9/12)

Here are a few of our guild achievements.
10/25 Sarth 3D (lol 10M 3D nuke it hardurrrrr)
10 Man Undying Naxxaramas (I think itís impressive we found 10 people who werenít stupid for a whole 2 hours)
10 Man Algalon Kill (Starcaller title)
10 Uld Yogg
10 ToGC 50/50 completed
10 ICC 11/12
25 ICC 7/12

All of our officers have also downed all content in vanilla and BC before it was nerfed, cough cough SUNWELL.

Thanks for considering us,

For any inquiries into anything not clarified by this post, please contact:

To apply Please go to our website and use the template in the forums: