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04-12-2010, 10:59 AM
Overview: Guild Background

Extreme is a raiding guild formed by a core group of players that have been playing together for over two years who transferred to the overcrowded lag fest that is Mal'ganis. Frustrated with the stubborn and ham-fist leadership style of our previous raid leader, we transferred here with the intention of doing PUGs and hanging out until Cataclysm released. While trying to form a stable 25 man PUG group in which we hoped to get at least 11/12 normal mode clears done once a night per week, we ended up finding a quite a few other players who felt like we did in their own guilds. What started as an intent to play casually led to the formation of a new raiding guild literally over the span of two days.

Initially we were named Delirious, but we had a couple of guild alts in the ancient, years-defunct M'G guild Extreme so we convinced a GM to swap guild titles and here we are: another M'G raiding guild.


We don't have a grandiose plan of server domination nor do we have a miss placed sense of self importance. We're playing on a server where the average guild is already very good and the top guilds are exceptional. Our purpose isn't to create an hardcore, edge content raiding team. Rather, we're focused on building a squad that excels at clearing content efficiently and with competence. We currently raid 25-mans 4 nights a week, 3 hours a night and we just don't have time for excessive stupid. We also don't run a very deep roster and we don't recruit players to be standby. We need all of our raiders experiencing all content to maximize the practice everyone has on progression content. In short, our purpose every week is to get the most amount of work done in the least amount of time.

Raiding Schedule

Our current raiding schedule is Tues/Weds/Thurs/Sun 8:30 - 11:30 server time. We send out invites at 8 and pull when we have ~23 in raid already, or 8:30 sharp. Because we don't have a lot of time, or run a deep roster, we'll pull at 8:30 regardless of how many people are in raid. We've done at Rotface HM kill with 24 in raid due to a DPS being late and three others canceling for work and we've done Marrowgar HM(thanks for not noting the kill(s) WoWprogress, despite five emails from me) with 4 healers in raid when one was having early connection issues and another was stuck in a late meeting. Raids usually end at 11:30, but we'll push later about 30-45mins if we're close to a kill.

Player Expectations

We don't expect our players to know every facet of the game, but we do expect them to know their own class and specifically their main spec very well. We also expect everyone to be read up on encounters and our specific strategy posted on our forums before the pull. We don't have enough time to sit at a boss for a lengthy explanation, and all players are expected to know how the current encounter we're on works and what each boss ability does to the raid. Our raid environments are serious, and all players are expected to be able to take constructive criticism and accept responsibility for failure. Arguing with the raid leader on why RNG caused you to stand in fire isn't an acceptable use of our raid time. Explaining how you will avoid standing in fire the next attempt is.

10-man Raidng

We have two main 10 man groups that are 10/12 and 9/12 HM respectively. Additionally, we have two other full ten man groups that are run more casually, but still organized through the same scheduling forums our main groups are. The expectation is for our two main groups to eventually kill LK HM in ten man and begin rotating main raiders that don't have the achievement into those groups. All ten mans run on non raid nights, covering every other day of the week. While we raid 25 man only 12 hrs a week, there's a raid of some sort going on pretty much every single day.

Recruitment Needs

We would currently really like to have (main spec / secondary spec):

Boomking / Resto Druid
Affliction / Destro Warlock
Hunter / Any

We'd also consider any exceptional DPS players who are geared and experienced enough with HM's to be raid ready from day one.