View Full Version : Warrior Way over hit cap, HALP!

04-12-2010, 10:20 AM
Just some suggestions on which pieces to replace. I do plan on getting my 4pc soon, and replacing the gloves with Gatecrashers Gauntlets.


Thanks for your advice.

04-12-2010, 12:05 PM
You actually have a lot of options as I see it.

1. Might of Blight off of Fester25 instead of the Band of the Bone Colossus. Its a better itemized ring all around.
2. Tossk's Maximized Wristguards off of Saurfang instead of your Polar Claw Bracers.
3. Might of the Ocean Serpent instead of the cloak you're currently wearing.
4. The Flagellation neckpiece of Blood Queen25 has expertise instead of hit, useful if you need to get your expertise up if you can replace your boots with the Blood-Soaked Saronite Stompers off Deathwhisper 25.

Obviously, you're already slightly over the Armor Pen softcap so if you pickup a combination of these upgrades your Armor Pen is going to keep going up (which devalues NES the higher above the cap you go)... in which case I would swap your trinkets for Banner of Victory + Whispering Fanged Skull until you can replace Banner with Deathbringers Will. Either that or replace some of your ArP gems with 20 Str or 10 Str + 10 Crit (for yellow sockets). I'd use Landsouls to tell you what to do before you do any major trinket changes or regemming though.

Ultimately, I would also shoot to replace your Chest + Bryntroll with T10.5 Chest + Cryptmaker. Might not want to do that until you have a Token to immediately upgrade chest from T10 to T10.5, since your current chest does beat the 251 tier chest.