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04-11-2010, 05:16 AM

Frayed is a 10-man strict guild located on the Anub'Arak server that has consistently been ranked in the top 50 10-man strict guilds in the world since Ulduar. We raid 9 hours a week (Tues-Thurs 9pm-12am EST) and run with a very small roster of very dedicated raiders. In fact, this is the second time we have needed to recruit any raider since September of 2009.

What We Are Looking For
We are in need of a Holy Paladin or a Disc Priest to replace our current tank healer who is no longer able to make most of our raids. We are looking for a tank healer that is geared enough to tackle HM content right away, but most importantly we're looking for someone competent enough that is going to add value to our raid from day one. We stress making progress in our limited raid time.

What You Can Expect From Us
The core of Frayed is a group of young professionals that has been playing together since classic. We have a lot of fun but we also like to get as much content done as possible given our limited raid schedule. We quite literally run a raid roster of 11-12 with a dedicated 10 man core group, so joining Frayed means you will be raiding full-time with us, we do not recruit for our bench. We also take our 10-man strict status seriously, so we ask players to not run 25 man content. If you have completed ICC 25 HM's, we'll be unable to take you into our guild.

7/12 ICC 10 HM's (LM, LDW,lolboat,fester,rotface,princes,blood queen)
TOGC Insanity
Glory of the Ulduar Raider
Sarth 3D

Our Raid Times
Tues-Thurs 9pm-12am EST


How to Apply
Please fill out an application here (http://www.frayed-guild.com/guild_application/apply) or PM an application to Bearus on the forums if you'd like something to be private. Our application process isn't very formal since we never recruit. Just give us some means to get in touch with you.