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but i can still hold threat. in icecrown there are only two bosses that parry-haste their attacks. very rarely does my shield slam get parried on inital aggro, but all it takes it a taunt and revenge to get it back. if i can hold threat, should i stay put? does blizzard not care about expertise in icecrown? seems to me that strength is the threat stat as opposed to expertise in icc. do u guys have the same issue-single digit expertise or alot less than that soft cap? do you care?

You don't need threat stats if you work your rotation and spec correctly.

link your armory so we can laugh at you.

You're an ignorant ass. Not only are WRONG in your supposed thinking that a tank needs threat stats in ICC to hold good threat, you've had 20 posts since joining 3 months ago and haven't taken any of that time to look over the many threads that have popped up regarding the subject.