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04-10-2010, 04:08 AM
Eternal Legacy (Horde) on Nathrezim (PVP) is recruiting more experienced and dedicated raiders to help fill out our ranks as we progress through raiding content.

Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7 - 11 MST.

Class Recruitment

We encourage all exceptional players to apply regardless of class, but at this time we are looking for:

- 1 Elemental Shaman
- Caster DPS
- Hybrid Dps/Healers

About Us:
- 7/12 Heroic ICC 25
- 11/12 Heroic ICC 10
We are looking to get back to our hardcore raiding; we recently killed the LK and need raiders that will be dedicated to help us progress into heroic ICC 25.
On off nights, we run two main 10 mans and some alt 10 mans. We are looking to host GDKP runs again on our new server. A lot of members also enjoy premade bgs and arena, as well as world pvp.

We cleared Sindragosa in early February for a US 184 kill, and have since then lost some valuable raiders. Recruitment slowed and we could not find anyone interested in transferring to a dead RP realm. Be it the server or progression, we decided it was time for a change. We transferred to Nathrezim, a pvp server, in hopes of more Horde raiding for competition, on server recruitment, and a change from an RP server. Our entire guild came, and it has helped recruitment greatly.

Other Accomplishments:
- Realm first Death's Demise! Alone in the Darkness (150th in the US)
- Realm first Algalon! Celestial Defender
- Glory of the Ulduar Raider 25 complete
- Trial of the Crusader 25 man - A Tribute to Mad Skill
(On our old realm)

Please only apply if you have extensive experience playing your class
WWS/World of Logs/etc are recommended upon application
Similar raiding experience is preferred
Come well geared for current raiding content
Be able to consistently maintain the raiding schedule
Watch videos and read strats, do not expect to be carried through content

EL is looking for raiders that are knowledgeable about their class as well as current raiding content. Understand the fights if you expect to raid with us.

Our core prides itself in sticking together through thick and thin, we have been raiding together for years and want to continue to have fun while getting stuff done! We are serious raiders, but love to have fun and laugh; a hardcore raiding mind set but also enjoying the game with each other.

Any questions, feel free to ask an officer in game or post on our forums:
Khrull(GM), Lightpelt, Racci, Argath, Skullcrusher

If you are interested in applying to Eternal Legacy, please do so at http://eternallegacy.guildlaunch.com