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04-08-2010, 07:20 PM
<Divinity> is a hardcore raiding guild that manages to perform and progress very well under a 3 day raiding schedule. We maximize efficiency and synergy in our raids, and we play to progress and have fun at the same time. Also, we prioritize performance in raids over guild seniority, and we have a competitive raiding environment. Although we manage to have fun during our raids, when we are at a boss or the raid leader decides its time to "get down to business" you are expected to enter a serious state of mind.

Raiding Schedule:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 6pm CST - 11pm CST

Recruitment Needs:

Death Knights - Unholy (Closed) | Blood (Closed) | Frost (Closed)
Druids - Balance (High) | Restoration (High) | Feral (Low)
Hunters - Beast Mastery (Closed) | Marksmanship (Closed) | Survival (Closed)
Mages - Arcane (Closed) | Fire (Closed) | Frost (Closed)
Paladins - Protection (Closed) | Holy (Low) | Retribution (Closed)
Priests - Discipline (Low) | Holy (Low) | Shadow (Low)
Rogues - Assassination (Low) | Mutilation (Low) | Subtlety (Closed)
Shamans - Elemental (Closed) | Enhancement (Low) | Restoration (Closed)
Warlocks - Affliction (High) | Demonology (High) | Destruction (High)
Warriors - Fury (Closed) | Arms (Closed) | Tank (Closed)

Even if your class is listed as Closed/Low, if you are an exceptional player please feel free to apply. We are always looking for better players to fill our ranks.


Naxxramas/Malygos/OS 25 - Glory of The Raider (Server 1st)
Ulduar 25 - Glory of The Ulduar Raider (Server 2nd)
Trial of The Grand Crusader 25 - Tributy To Insanity (Server 4th)
Icecrown Citadel 10 - Glory of The Icecrown Raider (Server 1st)
Icecrown Citadel 25 - 12/12 Regular | Heroic: 10/12

What We Expect Out of Our Applicants:
Ability to accept and improve on constructive criticism
Ability to follow commands and execute assignments
Ability to react quickly, even while multi-tasking
90%+ Raid Attendance
Good internet connection, this means zero to mininmal disconnections
Always be prepared for raids, this includes consumables
Progression that is better, similar, or somewhat close to ours.
Full knowledge of your class and all the mechanics that are associated with it
Must theorycraft
Everything else that is expected by any raiding guild

You apply to <Divinity> on our website, which is listed below. For those who do not want their name to be specified, you may PM your application to Tastykakes via our forums.

Ways To Contact Us:

Guild Website: http://divinity-guild.net (http://divinity-guild.net/)
In Game Contacts: Tastykakes, Momokawa, Kittytoucher, Jubeikiba, Machamp
MSN: Sean.izzle@live.com (Sean.izzle@live.com) (If nobody is online and you have a question, or if you need help contacting somebody in-game)