View Full Version : US [H-Mal'Ganis] <Seraph> Late-Night 2/12 25H, 6/12 10H seeks more for Hardmodes!

04-08-2010, 10:57 AM

Seraph was initially a casual guild which quickly evolved into a social-hardcore guild upon ICC's release. Moving from being ranked 11,000th world and 51st server with our first Saurfang kill, we are now in the top 2000 world guilds and 19th on one of the most competitive, progressed, and well-known servers in the world.

As the raid leader and GM of Seraph, I strive to keep a raid environment that is focused, proactive, and mature. Due to our late raid times, we tend to attract older players carrying evening jobs, which helps us retain that aura of equality and maturity. Nerdraging, yelling, and chewing people out are nonexistant. Save for the occasional calling someone out, I keep all performance discussion limited to whispers.

We currently raid from 11PM CST (12AM EST) until 2PM CST (3AM EST) on Thursday/Sunday/Monday, and are considering adding Tuesday as an additional raid day once we have multiple 10-man groups clearing in one raid night. We try to keep a slim roster, but there are raid nights where people may be benched. When this occurs, I make a point of bringing in the "benched" players for the next raid night.

We do prioritize timeliness, focus, and socialization in our raiders. We like having a comfortable raid environment where people feel free to share thoughts, concerns, strategies, and even idly chat as we plow through trash and farm bosses.

We are currently in need of the following classes/specs:

Frost DK DPS
Resto Shaman
Arms Warrior
Feral DPS

Looking forward to new raiders in our midst as we push towards heroic LK!