View Full Version : US US Frostmane Horde - Force Majeure 6/12 25 (H) and 10/12 10 (H)

04-08-2010, 09:23 AM
We are an adult guild that raids 3 nights a week. Currently, our progression is;

25 Man - 6/12 heroic in our first week of raiding heroics. Likely get Festergut this week
10 Man - 10/12 hardmode

Raid nights are Tuesday/Wednesday and Sunday, from 8 server to midnight. Our server is in the central time zone.

We are currently seeking Shamans of any kind, a combat rogue, a mut rogue, an arms warrior and priest healers (both disc and holy). We are also looking for great players of any class to join us in our quest to endgame at the highest level without having to do it 6 nights a week.

Our loot system is EPGP and we have a minimum EP that requires a small commitment to the guild before being eligible for loot. We also have 3 10 mans that run on a weekly basis. All of them have LK regular down and are working on hard modes.

To qualify, please fill our our application on our site. Also, please review our suggestions for applications. Our guild requires that you be fully enchanted and gemmed properly, have a viable spec, glyphs, achievements and gear that is appropriate to our level. Roughly all 251+ ilvl.

Please inquire at forcemajeure.guildlaunch.com