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04-07-2010, 03:09 PM
Hey guys, I need some advice.

Our guilds decided to start extending raidlocks to progress further into ICC10man. Our first test last night was attempts on Prof and Princes, both of which we are not able to down. For Prof we used the tank standing on the green slime with Prof and zerg it down when it spawned. 4/5 times we were able to kill it before it was able to hit its target so I think we were doing that part correctly. What our major problem was the orange slime and the ammount of slime pools that are on the ground. Our last and best attempt was 5minutes and 33second with the Prof at 41%. Is our DPS too slow? Is this a 2 healer fight to grab more DPS? Is there a better way to manage the slimes that maybe I've missed, our other tank is just picking them up as much as he can and not dps the boss which maybe he should be doing?

For princes we are just having trouble find someone that is able to tank the ranged add correctly, it seems like that person is always short of the nuceli and gets 1 shot. /sigh.

Help please :)

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04-10-2010, 07:50 AM
If you are able to kill the oozes before they hit anyone then you have the dps, as for the off tank in the abomination his priority is sucking up the pools and slowing the oozes if there is none of each he can dps the prof.

The orange slime should go down easier then the green one since the targeted player can run for it so as long as the room is clear enough to run healers have range and the ooze is slowed you should not have a problem.

now the only issue I can see is being 5 minutes into the fight and the prof only being on 40% this fight is two a healer encounter well unless your having healing issues, the only other reason why this is probably happening is from malleable ooze slowing cast speed but if it's hitting enough to cause dps problems it will also cause problems two healing.

As for the princes we found that the nuceli where causing practically no damage to the ranged tank even if he had over 5 on him all you need is a hot or two to keep him up and when that boss is powered up the shadow lance should hit for around 80 to 90% of his hp every few seconds so once he is topped up to 100 before that you shouldn't have any problems, you could also try getting the ranged tank some pvp gear for stamina our shadow priest has around 35k hp and drops to about 8k after each empowered lance.

If you are having problems getting the nuceli I would suggest tanking that boss in the middle and moving the middle boss to the left this makes sure the ranged tank is nearly always in range of nuceli.

04-10-2010, 08:01 AM
make sure your tank is kiting putricide near the slime puddles so the abom can dps (decent damage too, 4k+) while sucking the slime up. the only time the abom shouldn't be in a puddle is to slow an ooze

for orange slimes we have one of our hunters turn on aspect of the pack to help the kiting which is also helpful if you're doing the achievement.

04-10-2010, 08:46 AM
The putricide fight is one of efficiency of movement. If you have enough dps to nuke down the slimes, that's one thing, but you also need to be able to get efficient switches back to the boss. The places that the tank positions the boss are critical. Also watch out for people getting hit by orange bombs and malleable goo, as these are a major dps loss. Tank can move the boss away from the group just as bombs are due to drop.

04-10-2010, 05:20 PM
Re: Princes

We two tank, and do not have a ranged tank on this fight. One tank does both melee bosses, the other's job is to do minor threat on Keleseth (the shadowbolt guy) and gather as many nuclei as humanly possible. It's a waste of a dps on 10 man to have a ranged tanking keleseth, imo, extending the fight even longer (one dps is already halved dealing with disco balls)

Have hunters and rogues MD/Tricks to the keleseth tank whenever he is active. And make sure people are NOT aoeing. No thunderclaps. No whirlwinds. No cleaves. Those kill nuclei and you end up with a dead tank.

04-12-2010, 02:47 AM
Putricide should be done with 2 healers for more dps on the ooze and phase 3. If the raid group is doing what they are supposed to be doing the damage done should be minimal. If the raid takes a lot of damage they simply are not paying attention to all the bad stuff they have to avoid.

The Abom should only dps the slimes / boss when there are no puddles left to eat. There has to be no steady dps on the boss / ooze done by the Abom - but as the Abom applies a debuff to the boss / ooze which increases damage done on them makes it beneficial to ensure the Abom has enough time to hit the boss / ooze every now and then. The only thing the Abom should focus on except puddle eating is slowing the orange ooze as puddle and ooze management pretty much decide if your phase 3 will be succesful.

By using the tactic where Putricide is tanked stationary beneath the green tank your raid should be stacked together. This ensures that the puddles will spawn around 1 place and the Abom can chain-eat puddles without wasting time running around the room. Repositioning after kiting or the explosion of an ooze immediatly really helps your off tank in doing his job as efficient as possible. Not to mention the Abom is also stationed next to Putricide and oozes this way to dps them if the puddles are eaten. If there are still puddles up near the phase transition (80% and 35%) STOP all dps on Putricide (including pets) until the Abom is done eating most of the puddles and the last ooze is dead (if one is close to spawning). It doesn't hurt to have 1 small puddle up in the transition though as it can also slow down the raid too much.

Basically there is less dps on the orange ooze as melee can't attack it immediatly. The ranged need to focus fire the ooze the second it spawns but the melee needs to wait until it has chosen a target to avoid them being killed (melee getting chosen while dps'ing the ooze is bad) but that should not make it impossible to kill the orange ooze quick. The person being chased should be with the rest of the group near the green tank so the ooze will pass the Abom on it's way if it's not dead by the time it reaches the group. Just kite it near the raid so the Abom can help dps if there are no puddles up.

If killing the orange ooze and lowering the health of Putricide is a problem you do have a dps issue so 2healing this encounter would be way more beneficial. That is, if the rest of the tactics are executed right and the dps issue is not created by people not dodging malleable goo. The group setup is also important; the more ranged, the faster dps can be done to the orange ooze. Melee is wasting precious dps time with running back and forth to the orange ooze and Putricide. Burst damage is also preferable. The last thing I can add to make it easier 2healing (as I'm a healer) is to not let the healers stack along with the rest of the group in phase 2 when the green ooze spawns. We let the tank tanking Putricide even stack with them but the risk of healers getting malleable goo as everyone is cluttered up was too big in my opinion and has been working fine for us.

This is how we solved the (almost) same problems on Putricide so it might be of help!

We don't use a ranged dps tank on Keleseth but a DK tank due to have more ranged abilities than other tank classes and the fact a tank with the massive amount of HP and cooldowns is always giving more error marging than a cloth tank who can be 1/2 shotted quite fast otherwise. We usually have the DK running around picking up the orbs with Icy Chill (iirc) while maintaining agro on Keleseth, with a minimal of 3 Nuclei on him. To help out we usually shout where Orbs are located or announce who has agro on the Nuclei so the DK can taunt it off. The other tank is tanking the two melee princes.

04-13-2010, 01:49 AM
For Prof we used the tank standing on the green slime with Prof and zerg it down when it spawned.

That being said, if the above tips don't help out, don't be afraid to try out a different tactic and see how that works out for you. My guild attempted this tactic too at first (though we do 25-mans) and we found tanking him by the lab worked better for us. YMMV :)