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04-07-2010, 11:04 AM
EU [Khadgar] Alliance guild Synergy looking for several classes

Synergy is

Friendly raiding guild
Formed 05/01/2008
Very good line of raidleaders and officers
Good working guild structure
large guild with allso non-raiding members, and we encourage members and raiders to join with alts if they want
Very experienced raiders
Raiding 6 days a week, tuesdays are off-days, raiders are asked to sign up minimum of 2 times a week
On ICC 10 at 10/12
On ICC 25 at 4/25

Synergy is looking for

Druid tank
Paladin tank
Paladin dps
Melee dps (kitty maybe dk rogue)
2 healers, well consider any, prefer in order maybe a priest, druid, shammy, pally

We require

Knowledge of your character and class
Dedication and loyalty
Properly geared, looking icc 10 man ready, lower gear is checked and considered
Ready to raid 20:30-23:30 server time

Application can be found in forums at http://www.synergy-khadgar.com/