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04-07-2010, 05:39 AM
Hello there, sorry to make this post ive seen alot of posts like this and read through it but havent really gotten the picture here.

Somehow as a palatank i figured my abilities included spells so first thing i did was to cap my hitrating. (good/not good?)

Second i was a bit worried about my threat, considdering there are so many well geared overaggroing dps out there. What i used to do was fill my red slots with strength. i was thinking more strength (more threat?) and blockrating (more defense). After that (Now) i devide my gems 10str + 15sta. But the more i read, people are saying agi? Next to that on my realm people come to me asking why i dont gem expertise and stamina gems. Basically my answer is because its so hard to cap, i dont bother with it. I know on my warrior i need 6.5% (27 Exp) to not be dodged from behind, and i already had a problem with that amount. If i need to cap it from in front. that would be pretty high so basically i havent bothered with it. (should i? Should i not?)

Third my enchants, I have Engineering so basically for the extra armor i have the hands enchant. (885 armor) and bladeward on my mainhand, but i keep reading that mongoose might be better?

Well basically i need some solid answers because im going insane a bit (sorry for any inconvenience) and thank you for any possible answer i may receive


04-07-2010, 06:38 AM
no offence, but there is a search feature in the top right hand corner of ur screen. use it.

04-07-2010, 07:18 AM
There's also a HALP! forum that this would be most appropriate. An armory link would also be nice

First off, you don't need to worry about hit, you'll do enough threat without it as long as you're doing your 969 rotation correctly. By gearing/enchanting for hit you are sacrificing a lot of survivability. Also, most of your "spells" are actually based off of melee hit, not spell hit, although taunts are based off of spell hit. If you need to ensure that I taunt doesn't fail there are minimum amounts you need based on glyphs/raid buffs and I have the exact values in footnote 3 in my guide (link in sig). Also gemming/enchanting is almost the exact same for warriors as it is for paladins with the exception that agi/stam hybrid gems are far and above the best hybrid gem for pallies. Look at the gemming/enchanting section of my guide and that will give you all the enchants/gems you should be going for.

Secondly: yes, for pallies agi is the best hybrid gem. They get better crit and dodge coefficients from it than warriors do so it's almost as good point for point as dodge rating, except you also get armor and crit.

Expertise: Paladins should be using glyph of seal of vengeance which gives them 10 expertise. With expertise there are 2 "caps" the dodge cap (often referred to as the soft cap) and the parry cap (hard cap). To soft cap dodge you need 26 expertise total, so for a paladin tank that's only 16 expertise, not hard to hit at all. The parry cap is much higher, around 14% (57 expertise iirc, there was some debate about the exact number at one point). So while hitting the soft cap is easy, the hard cap is much harder. (note, bosses can't parry from behind, but they can dodge from behind). Basically you don't need to hard cap it if you are having threat problems going for the soft cap is good since it is twice as effective as hit until then.

Weapon enchant: Due to SoV the uptime for mongoose is REALLY good for pallies and is far and away better than bladeward. However, I feel that blood draining is by far the superior enchant, however some of my colleagues my disagree with that. Imo 2k smart heal > 240 armor since 240 armor is only worth about 21 stam whereas a 2k heal is closer to 200 stam. Neither enchant is gamebreaking though.

Also yes, you should have the armor enchant on your gloves.

04-07-2010, 08:29 AM
Thanks, ill look into that guide. And again sorry for bothering you with this, hope it wasnt an inconvenience for you.

With all due Respect


04-07-2010, 06:09 PM
If you want to know about threat, I recommend reading Theckhd's work on advanced theorycraft over on maintankadin.com. He calculates the value of different stats - IIRC, strength is king although expertise is also top notch until soft capped (at around 26, IIRC). When I play Wintergrasp as a protadin, I basically just wear ret gear gemmed for +20 strength. I think that maximises my dps (which is more or less proportional to threat). There's also some discussion of blade ward on that site, but it is not very favorable. I use blood draining for minor survivability, but berserking would be best for threat, I suspect (and what I used in Wintergrasp).

However, I have to challenge the premise of the question - why are you worried about threat? Is it based on actual experience and if so, what? Because otherwise, I would advise that the consensus is not to worry about threat. If you are tanking right, then you won't have a threat problem. Received wisdom is to gear for survivability only - threat takes care of itself. Don't worry about (e.g. gem for) the hit cap or even expertise. If you get hit or expertise on your gear, that's great but don't choose gear for those stats.