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04-06-2010, 07:38 PM
Hello i'm playing wow and wondering where to go...

I been playing around with wow for a long time and began to play way way back in Vanilla i played an alliance mage (whoo ohh ) So i took a break (2 years) Came back in BC with some friends Rolled a Warlock with my friends on another server but our guild broke down and my friend got very sick so we lost the heart for it and happened So we came back after that and said "Let's try Horde" I loved it" we leveled non stop to 70 together was funny :).

Lately in WOTLK i leveled my pally to be a tank... i hit her up in 3.0-3.1 i tanked and found it very boring and very bad :S.

i joined the top guild in my server and switched over to Holy pally and guess what i loved it!! i quickly got into raids and became a tank healer in a period of a month or 2 i gotten to near top spot and loving it but i wonder...and my curiosity is now perked on the other healing classes. Druids Priests Shamans what to play how to play etc :).

Now that i play i healer i slowly and slowly drifting away from DPS and becoming more and more curious on Healing we just finished up TOGC and working on ICC switching from week to week.

Any suggestions on the healing classes?

04-06-2010, 07:58 PM
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