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04-05-2010, 11:30 PM
We are currently recruiting for our core raid. We are a group of semi-hardcore raiders that are dedicated to clearing the harder content of the game. Currently we have 10/12 25 Icecrown content on farm. We are looking for more skilled and dedicated players. We are currently running one main 25man ICC dedicated to progression, and four to five 10man Runs.

Raid Times: Raid invites will start 8:15 pm Server Time (Central) and Zone in by 8:30PM Server Time (Central)

We raid 3 days a week Tues , Weds, and Thurs. 10-mens are on off nights. Typically raids will last for no more than 4 Hours.

Recruiting healers/casters mainly:
*Druid: Balance/feral High Demand
*Mage (1)
*Priest: Holy/shadow High Demand
*Shaman:Elemental/resto High Demand *Warlock (1) High Demand

and one pally tank (must be effin awesome)

If your class/spec is not listed above please don't be discouraged because we will still look at exceptional/potential applications with the right gear and skills.

Progression: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/draktharon

If you are interested in joining our ranks and for more info please apply at:

http://darkesthour.wowrpg.org/ (http://darkesthour.wowrpg.org/)