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I know I have a hodgepodge of gear but I recently came back to the game and I was a long time tank since beta. I am in a friend guild and he wants me to dps since they have plenty of tanks. So I am stuck with this weird gear. They are in ICC 25 10/12 and I need to gear myself out to join in. What order and what items should I start replacing and where should I go? Keep in mind I need to be able to do most of this alone. Pugs are very scarce on this server for raids other than VOA and ICC. What can I do and what should I replace first?

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Probably not the response you're looking for but here it is (http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?57781-Wotlk-Fury-Warrior-Guide)

I'm also a veteran tank but given my guild its more effective for me to have a viable offspec (fury) rather than be subbed out! This guide saved my bum and got me into every fight!

04-05-2010, 07:28 AM
Check out what drops in ICC Heroic 5 mans, run the ones with an upgrade for you. Other than that, if you want to get geared enough for ICC10 w/o pugging ToC25s just grind heroics till you're in T9 gear + offset badge pieces. Do the weekly raids and daily random for frost badges too.

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Your gear is kinda 2 tiers behind but luckily its easy to get at least something decent from emblems now. For rotation look into the fury guide its good.

- Replace mirror with the trinket from Forge of Souls and aim for softcapping arp.
- If you're rich get shadow's edge and the 264 crafted boots
- Run heroics to get emblems for 4x T9 and the 245 head and the 2 245 rings.
- Get better weapons, easy options are marrowgar10 sword or saurfang10 axe, sword from battered hilt is nice as well.

04-05-2010, 07:50 AM
I am not in the same situation as Krisby but I am looking to start gathering my DPS gear since I do not need any Triumph gear. Is the T9 sets worth it for the set bonus or is the offset pieces a better choice? Besides running the new 5 man's, this will probably be the quickest way to gear for DPS since both Krisby and I are tanks. Instant que's FTW.

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