View Full Version : Having problems with the giant worms.. bad luck or is it my tanking?

04-02-2010, 07:49 PM
Let me preface by saying I'm almost totally new to raiding. I've only just recently joined a casual raiding guild and so far I've done:

* Naxx Construct quarter up to Thaddius (raid kept having problems with the +/- stuff, previously we had issues with Grobbulus and a couple of wipes there)
* Sartharion+0/1 (we tried +2 and the drake with the whelps kept one-shotting me somehow whenever he came down)
* Flame Leviathan and Ignis the Furnace Master

Tonight we tried ToC10. According to wow-heroes ToC10 is "green" for me (I have a 4.9K GS). We had no problems with Gormok (except twice when we had snobold problems) but we wiped about 5 times on the worms. I was tanking Dreadscale (I think, the one that does Burning Bile and moves leaving the slime) and a Warrior was tanking Acidmaw. The group was:

Tanks: Me (Protection Pally), Prot Warrior
Heals: Resto Druid, Resto Shaman
DPS: Hunter, Shadow Priest, Rogue, 2x Retpally, Warrior (not sure Arms/Fury)

Here's the problem I had:

Warrior picks up Acidmaw and tanks him facing the big double-doors they enter from. I pick up and tank Dreadscale a little to the left (as you enter the double doors), kind of facing the big Alliance shield. As he drops slime pools I back up and kite him in a circular motion, making sure he faces away from the raid. The issue is that he almost immediately smacks me with Burning Bile, and I can't run to the other tank (who almost always had Paralyzing Poison) because if I do that, then Dreadscale turns to face the rest of the raid and wipes everyone with his spewing. So I basically sit there and take Burning Bile, and more often than not it DoTs me more than the healers can keep up. A couple of times we got them to burrow, but I don't have enough time to run to the other tank to clear Bile before Dreadscale burrows back up; I have to follow his burrowing so I can pick him up immediately or he wipes the raid again.

Am I missing something? I'm fairly new to tanking (and new to WoW too.. it's only been about 3 months that I've been playing), so it may very well be my newbness. I've watched the Tankspot videos a couple of times and the guy tanking Dreadscale seems to just focus on him; I don't see anyone run to him or him run to anybody else, but it might be because the video is from the perspective of (I think?) a Retpally so the camera isn't always there. We tried having one of the Retpallys switch to Prot and switch up on Dreadscale when I got hit with Bile so I could run to someone with Poison, but it didn't work out and we still wiped. After about 5 tries we gave up; the rest of the raid (as I said I'm new to the guild) had done this before (they got up to the PVP part I believe), but everyone said I wasn't doing anything wrong.

I don't know why we keep wiping on them; from the videos it doesn't seem hard; my job is just to tank and kite Dreadscale, follow him when he burrows and pick him up again. Was somebody not doing something, or did we just have a bunch of bad luck with the RNG?

04-03-2010, 02:00 PM
from my experience in ToC 10 Dreadscale leaves poison circles on the ground but does not spit poison at people i believe, besides that, you must run to the people with the paralyzing toxin otherwise that - 1 or more Dps/tank/healer so it is crucial to make sure everyone with the paralyzing toxin either gets to you, or you get to them but thats just from my experience your guild might have a different strategy or something :) good luck and hope i helped

04-03-2010, 02:11 PM
Hmm.. all I know is I accidentally turned him towards the raid while trying to run to the other tank who had Paralytic Poison, and he did some kind of spew that wiped half the raid in one shot. Maybe I should wait for him to do that and then run, so he won't do it again? It was my first time in ToC last night, ever, so I very well might have just been inexperienced in the fight.

04-04-2010, 03:44 AM
Worms is the best way to show if a pug has any idea on how to do things. Basically just tank dread where it is, maybe move it a bit towards the other tank, the poison it leaves behind won't grow enough to hit anyone for the first burrow phase, anyone who gets poisoned move to you and you also go closer to them (keep in mind the breathe timer).

04-11-2010, 02:01 PM
I find it's easier to have a warrior on dreadscale. That way, he can intervene to whoever needs the bile and quickly charge back.