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04-01-2010, 02:44 PM
*) About OOTH:

Order of the Hammer has been around since wow was released in Europe over 5 years ago on Shattered Hand.
We are a stable mature international high end raiding guild which aims to clear new content at a decent pace.

Our guild is made up of players from all around Europe, the language spoken in guild chat and ventrilo is English.
We have large populations of UK, BEL, NL, IRL, SWE players. We are not only a raiding group but also a community with around the clock pve/pvp & alt activity.

We have, in all those years, always been one of the top guilds on our server and we continue to be so to this day.

We are currently looking for additional forces to clear all the endgame content.

*) What we can offer you:

-) The chance to explore endgame raiding content.
-) The opportunity to raid in a progressive environment.
-) A stable, non-drama guild community.
-) Experienced raid members in well organized raids.
-) Many non-raiding activities. (peeveepee/alt pve)

*) What we require from you:

-) Knowledge of your class and your role in raids.
-) Dedication and activity. We require a 75% attendance minimum. More is better !
-) The gear to do the HEROIC version of ICC25, we do not wish to waste our time having to gear you up from conquest gear.
-) Enjoy serious raiding.
-) A stable computer with a solid internet connection is a must, you are no good to anybody if you disconnect every 5 minutes.
-) Always come prepared for raids and also be willing to farm for appropriate flasks and consumables.
-) Able to understand and speak English fluently.
-) Able to take constructive criticism. Everyone makes mistakes, even the best of us, you must have a mature attitude and take advice if you're doing something wrong; leave your ego at the instance entrance when you come to raid.
-) You must have the latest version of Ventrilo installed and you _MUST_ have a working, non ear-destroying microphone.

*) Our current WOTLK progression:

-) ICC 10 Heroic: 11/12
-) ICC 25 Heroic: 11/12

With all previous content ever introduced to the game cleared, obviously.

Our raiding times are: 19h30 - 23h30 server time (CET)
Days are currently: Thu - Sun - Mon - Tue

*) What are we looking for?

-) 1-2 Warlocks
-) 1-2 Rogues (combat ONLY)

*) To apply please visit: http://www.ooth-guild.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2518