View Full Version : US [A] Doomhammer <Driven> recruiting exceptional players

04-01-2010, 08:10 AM
<Driven> is an Alliance raiding guild on Doomhammer. Our progression raids are Tuesday-Thursday 6-10pm MST (8-12 EST), with 10 mans running in the off time. We do not consider ourselves a hardcore raiding guild, but we strive to complete all the content in a timely manor while allowing everyone to have a life outside of the game. We look for members who are truly interested in enjoying the game, while at the same time challenging themselves. Currently in ICC we are 11/12 for 25 man normal, 6/12 10 man heroic.

We are recruiting the following classes/specs:

- None, but will except exceptional players.

Ranged Dps:
- 1x mage
- 1x ele shaman
- 1x shadow priest
- 1x hunter

Melee dps
- 1x dk
- 1x ret pally

- 1x warrior
- 1x pally

Please take your time when filling out your application. Fill it out completely. If you have any questions about our guild, feel free to message one of the officers in game or send a private message through our website. Please make your inquiries outside of our raid times. Matrices is our guild leader, Bosoxina is our healing officer, and Amedeus is our ranged DPS officer, and Shiromar is our Tank/Melee officer. If you do not see one of us online on our mains, please whisper any guild member to see if we are on or send us a private message through our website. We hope you'll consider <Driven> for your raiding home. Please visit us at our website at <www.guilddriven.com > for more information and to fill out an application!