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03-31-2010, 05:17 PM
i only did a short search but could not find out what stats i should stacking on my socket items so far i just try and balance defense, parry, SB and stam. dodge i kinda just leave alone because of the ICC debuff.

any help would be appreciated!

03-31-2010, 05:27 PM
Musta been a REALLY short search. It's a pretty well covered topic

Basically, the best bet is like this:

1) All blue sockets should have +30 stam
2) You will need one red for your meta; the +exp/stam gem is recommended.
3) All other slots use your best judgement. +30 stam is never a bad choice; however if you can get a decent enough socket bonus from a different color (+9 stamina or better), get a hybrid +whatever/stam gem.

Typically for reds +exp/stam is the best bet; for yellow +def/stam or +hit/stam is best. Your priorities are to make sure you stay over the uncrittable def requirement, then get as much health as you can, and build on threat/evasion stats so long as it does not cause you to lose too much health.

The ICC debuff doesn't mean you should ignore dodge; however the tiny amount you get from it (or from parry for that matter) tend to make them subpar gemming choices.

04-01-2010, 06:02 AM
The ICC debuff doesn't mean you should ignore dodge; however the tiny amount you get from it (or from parry for that matter) tend to make them subpar gemming choices.

^ If you walk into ICC with 20.01% or more dodge, dodge isn't worthless.

The ICC Debuff is a -20% avoidance debuff, it's not a dodge nerf that makes dodge worthless. It just chooses to impact dodge to reach the avoidance debuff.

04-01-2010, 07:20 AM
It should be noted that the ICC debuff (or the subsequent 10% HP buff) does NOT change stat priorities.

From my guide (link in sig, it's also stickied at the top of this forum):

III) Gemming:
Gemming for warriors becomes very simple: 32stam+2% armor meta gem. This gem requires that you have a red gem, so try and hit a red socket bonus with the highest amount of +stam possible, probably a +9 or +12 gem. Then gem the rest with +30stam gem for your standard EHP set.

It is also permissible and sometimes preferred that if there is a socket bonus of +9 or +12 stam, to hit that socket with a hybrid stam gem for the added benefit of another effect, albeit at a loss of stam. For the most part I prefer to stack stam, but it is very acceptable to do either way imo. Quibbling over very very small differences won’t make a break a fight.

Some fights might encourage more avoidance stacking than stam stacking. What you really want to do is gear/gem for fights. For example come hardmode time, Deathbringer Saurfang may require far more avoidance than EHP, same with the captain on gunship, but for now the safe bet is to do what tanks have always done for progression content at first: stack stam and go from there.

Red hybrid gem breakdown:
10 Expertise/15 Stam - if you have below 26 expertise and feel like you need the threat
10 Dodge/15 Stam - most avoidance
10 Agi/15 Stam - most EHP since agi gives armor and some avoidance too, but not as much as dodge rating, also gives a small amount of crit
10 parry/15 Stam - almost NEVER used, only used if the dodge DRs are high enough that parry becomes better than dodge. For more on this, I recommend looking at Diminishing Returns - Avoidance (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f63/40003-diminishing-returns-avoidance.html). This will tell you when parry becomes better.