View Full Version : US [H] Terrokar <Eolithic> 8/12 (10H) 11/12 (25) Agressive Recruitment

03-31-2010, 10:30 AM
Guild Site (eolithicguild.com)
Direct Application Link (http://eolithicguild.com/eqdkp/wrapper.php?id=3)
Terokkar is a Central Time PvE Server
Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7pm-11pm
Recruitment Status: Open

3/31 - 25 Lich King Downed
4/6 - 25 Heroic Marrowgarr, Gunship, and Deathbringer (Server First) Downed.
4/7 - 25 Heroic Festergut and Rotface Downed.
4/8 - 25 Heroic Princes, Blood Queen, and Dreamwalker Downed.
4/14 - 25 Heroic Deathwhisper (Server First) Downed.

Eolithic is looking for more quality players. We raid 3 days a week (12 hours), Tuesday-Thursday 7pm-11pm CST. You are expected to attend 60%+ of the raids, with any planned absences requiring you to post letting us know. We are fairly laid back during raids and you can expect lighthearted chatter on vent for the majority of nights. If you expect something super serious and quiet, you will be disappointed.

We are looking to bolster our roster and are openly recruiting all classes, pending a good application of course.

Our guild is currently 2nd in 25 and 10 man progression, 1st horde side, for our server. Eolithic also prides itself in seeking out and completing some of the more challenging raiding achievements. A few noteworthy ones are as follows: Glory of the Ulduar Raider (http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=2958) (10&25), Algalon 25 (http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=3037) (1 of 3 on the server), Earth Wind & Fire (http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=4016) (server first and only), and Herald of the Titans (http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=3316) (server first and only). There are also plans for completing the ToC equivalent of Herald.

Applicants should proceed to the guild website and navigate to the application there. If you wish to contact someone in game the guild officers are as follows: Tribalfurby, Pleinair, Veryundead, Koffing, Yorba, or Magnemite. Additionally, you may PM me with questions.