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03-31-2010, 08:56 AM
We've been working on Putricide 25 over four raid nights, in the last three weeks.

We've been tanking him on the green side. This lets melee attack the ooze faster, which is good, since we sometimes run 8 melee DPS in raids (no more than that though). We have all the melee bunch up on the same side of the Volatile ooze so if there is an explosion all the melee get knocked back the same direction, so that if the ooze targets a melee after the explosion it won't be an insta-gib.

We have melee chase the Gas Cloud AFTER it picks the first target. When the Gas Cloud casts Gaseous Bloat, we have melee run away from the cloud and back to Putricide, ranged DPS should finish it off after that.

We told melee to watch the timer for Choking Gas, and to run in front of the boss when there is 5 seconds left on the Choking Gas cooldown, wait for the tank to move the boss away from the Choking Gas flasks, then run back behind the boss.

We had some issues initially with people running the wrong way after getting targeted by the Gas Cloud (i.e. towards the Gas Cloud /facepalm), but that seems to have cleared up.

Ranged are in middle of the room, reasonably spread out to reduce the number of people who have to move for Malleable Goo, but not so spread out that it's hard to bunch up for the Volatile Ooze explosion. DBM marks the people targeted by Malleable Goo, so it should be easy to avoid getting hit by it. We make sure there's at least 8 people outside of melee range so Putricide doesn't Malleable Goo on the melee. Should we move the ranged over to the table?

I had mentioned that a resto druid should be keeping up rejuvenation on the abom for the energy gain, but I didn't make it a priority. I also mentioned that the abom should spam mutating slash on nearby targets in between drinking the slime/slowing the oozes.

For phase 3 we've been kiting the boss the outside of the room. We have the tanks go 2-2-2 then 4-4-4 on the debuff. But it seems like we don't have the DPS to finish him off. Is this because too many people are getting hit by Malleable Goo/Choking Gas during phase 3?

This is the log from our best set of attempts when we 5 healed it. We got him down to 3% that night.

Another night, we went in with 6 healers. I think it was worse doing it this way, because it took longer to kill oozes and people were more likely to die from Volatile Ooze explosion.

Depending on which healers we have available, we are going to 5 heal this fight. We don't always have our best healers (or DPS) available due to spring attendance issues, though. :eek: Having different people at each raid night has slowed things down.

If there's anything I'm missing with this fight, please let me know. Thanks!

03-31-2010, 08:58 AM
How are you positioning people in Phase 3?

03-31-2010, 10:54 AM
Are you getting into phase 3 without any gas or ooze up? If you don't get a clean transition to phase 3 that will stuff you up.

If you use the Log Browser feature of WOL, pick an attempt, remove the default rule and add one where "Spell" is "Choking Gas" you can see who is getting hit. This very well could screw up your phase 3.

Your description sounds like you are putting the onus on the DPS to avoid the gas. I tend to see it the other way, that it's on the tank to actively move the boss such that the gas bombs are dropped in a good position. Note that tank can run through the boss (if you do it as he drops them) without getting the debuff yourself. I normally make a particular note to do this at the start of phase 3, forewarning the DPS. i.e. I tank him in 1 spot until he drops his first bombs then run through him, leaving the bombs behind. This avoids melee having to stop dps or do very much at all to not get hit by gas.

03-31-2010, 12:17 PM
I read the entire post (besides viewing the logs) but I can't seem to find anything that says what exactly the problem is. You don't have the dps to take him down, but does that mean you're hitting the enrage timer or people are dying? My guild swaps sides so I'm not familiar with the green size only strat, but everything you said seems correct. How many explosions are you seeing on average from the green ooze? One important thing is to make sure you're not pushing him over right after he summons another ooze. When this happens we easily turn a "would've been" kill into a wipe because we ran out of time and the ooze spread throughout the room. Another thing to help P3 is to control where he throws the initial puddles of ooze. If everyone is still spread out in the middle of the room and he throws the puddles there, you're probably going to have less time than if the puddles were off to the side or in a corner. It means ranged should group up to the desired location until the first puddles are thrown out. I can't remember offhand if he throws Malleable Goo around this same time, but it shouldn't be at the exact same time.

Logs are fine and helpful in their own way, but I would run a meter like Recount as well so you can get a better idea of why a wipe happened immediately afterwards instead of waiting until the raid is over. Check who's dpsing the oozes and who's not. How much damage were people taking from Malleable Goo or the vials of Choking Gas? Try to pinpoint what some of the issues might be.

One final note about having the Druid keep Rejuv on the Abom; I think they hotfixed it because I noticed it stopped working after a while in 10 man and so did the person using it. I would toss a Rejuv on him just before the gas on each phase change and wouldn't see a single increase of ooze power.

04-01-2010, 01:39 PM

This is all of your attempts - but you can also drill down per attempt.

Where are your well fed buffs and flasks? :confused:

I thought perhaps I just randomly picked the wrong targets but.. I'm not seeing but one flask used or food buffs present..


If you're cutting it so close, I would recommend flasking/well fed. Also, this week you have the extra 5% - but if you want bosses to die, and your dps is going to be a little low, you need to make sure your raid is maximizing everything that they can.

Also, we use the same method- but we keep our ranged in a line in the middle and as long as we have enough ranged, we let them handle dps'ing the orange adds - depending on comp, we may send over some burst dps but not all melee (this can throw you behind).

Best of Luck - and I hope I don't come across crass but if you are looking for things to improve - dig through your logs;

04-01-2010, 08:46 PM
It's because people are getting hit by the flasks. Watch the timer and have the tank pull the boss away right when they spawn.

04-05-2010, 11:58 PM
Thank you all for the feedback.

Our biggest issue right now is getting to phase 3 consistently.

With the stacking on the green side strat, we get two explosions from the Volatile Ooze It's the second explosion that seems to be killing people. After the first explosion, the Ooze can target a melee who's all alone, and then that melee gets killed. But if we stack all the melee on the same side of the ooze, that should help with that problem, since in theory all the melee should get knocked in the same direction. If we run a melee light group (like 5 melee DPS) should a few ranged people run into the melee clump to help soak a melee explosion?

If the second explosion targets a ranged person, sometimes people die, but possibly that's because they're focusing too much on DPS'ing the ooze, and not enough people are stacking on the target of the green beam.

We used to have ranged people clump up on the green side south of the Volatile Ooze spawn point, so that the ranged people would already be grouped up in case the Volatile Ooze targets a ranged, but ranged people said they had a hard time avoiding Malleable Goo and Slime Puddles when packed in tightly in a corner like that. For people who do the stack on the green side strategy, where is the best place for ranged people to stand if we have melee/tank under the Volatile Ooze spawn point? Should ranged people be spread out initially, and then just group up when the Volatile Ooze spawns, spreading out again after the Volatile Ooze dies?

We have been funding progression nights and giving out flasks for free to people who need them. We have fish feasts available for every attempt, and everyone should have a well-fed buff. Some people have been using their own 40 strength or 40 armor penetration buff instead of fish feasts, which is why it might seem like some people don't have well-fed.

I have gotten on people's cases about the Malleable Goo and Choking Gas debuffs. I told people that DBM marks the Malleable Goo targets with skull/cross/square, and that if you see a /say about Malleable Goo you need to move. *boggle*

I think our biggest issue right now is we're missing a chunk of our better DPS due to work schedule changes/family vacations/personal injuries. This fight is painful with people with lesser situational awareness or lower burst DPS.

04-06-2010, 10:42 AM
A few notes:
- Make 100% sure that all PETS are on the green ooze as well. Pets share the explosion damage with players and can be a massive help. The abomination can also split a lot of the damage. If you're having tons of trouble, you can also setup rotations with Death Knights and Enhance Shamans to further split damage (Army of the Dead, Feral Spirits). This is a fairly critical element to a lot of strategies that involve melee stacking on the ooze. If hunters/warlocks/death knights have pets sticking on the boss, you'll have to do a lot more healing. Pets also have enhanced run speed and can run through things that others cannot, so they'll help split the damage a lot more. If you're still having trouble, resto druids are also good people to stack up.

- Make sure that melee are positioning themselves to get thrown into the RANGED and NOT to the wall. The reason for this is that they'll get thrown farther away, giving more time if they get targeted. It also minimizes the run distance they'll have to go. If the melee get knocked away from the ranged and a ranged dps is the second target, the melee must run basically twice the distance. It also lets ranged stack up if a melee gets targeted again. You do NOT want to create distance between the ranged and melee.

- Try using Deus Vox for malleable goo instead of DBM. DBM's warnings about it are incredibly poor. You should also get in the habit of "everyone should be looking for every malleable goo." As soon as a malleable goo is cast or about to be cast, someone should call it out on vent.

- Gas Bombs are on an incredibly predictable timer. Melee and TANKS should watch the timer. When it starts getting under 2 seconds, they should start moving the boss. Melee just need to be more aware.

04-19-2010, 01:44 AM
we had p1 and p2 down to a regimental fight but struggled with p3.

We finally killed prof by ensuring that the transition to p3 was clean. Ensure the experiment is dead, ensure the abomination has cleared the room of goo.

in p3 have 3 tanks each taking 4 stacks max and burn heroism.

Raid movement in p3 is the hardest as you have to control the green ooze spread, avoid the gas bombs and move from malleable as well as keep high dps.

Its a bugger of a fight and its tested our raid for several nights and 3%-1% wipes.