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03-29-2010, 04:15 PM
In 10 ICC, my raid group is having trouble getting the Green Oozes down in Putricide Phase 1 and Phase 2.

We currently set it up like this.

Feral Tanks the boss
(me) Prot Pally hops in the abom

Our Resto Druid goes feral dps, while we have a Holy Paladin and Holy Priest handle the healing.

The rest of our dps consists of: MM Hunter, Ret pally, Affliction Warlock, Fury, Ele Shaman.

I am currently afraid that we have too many players with DPS Setup time - Affliction, Feral, and Ret. We have tried 2 strategies. Swapping sides every add spawn, and stacking on the green add spawn. We have had little success with the green ooze, barely surviving the explosion when people stack, it takes too much effort and time to restack and dps the ooze.

Should my Affliction lock go Destro, should my Ret Pally be swapping to Seal of Righteousness, or staying SoV for the ooze, and any tips in general on how to smooth this out? We have been stuck for 3 weeks now =\

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03-29-2010, 04:40 PM
You've mentioned you barely seem to survive the explosion yet you're doing this with 2 healers. Is the explosion and dying you're only issue or are the slimes simply not dying?

The way we handle it is for the dps to stay centrally in the room and be at about max range to where the green slime would spawn. Everyone else, we have closer to the walls. Melee would obviously run in after it has chosen its target.
As soon as it starts forming, all ranged immediately turn and nuke it while it is deciding who to target. This gives you maybe 5 seconds of free dps on it before it moves.

I'm assuming your abomination is correctly applying the slowing debuff to the slime. In which case, if it doesn't appear to die fast enough, you need people to group up on its target to split the damage. If it does reach people and knock them back, try and do it so they're knocked back across the other side of the room so they have more space and more time to dps it in case they then get targeted by the ooze the second time.

Don't see any issues with your raid composition but if its not dead shortly after the first explosion, then I would say your dps simply isn't high enough. Doesn't sound like the problem though due to you saying you 2 heal this.

03-29-2010, 04:59 PM
Would it be wiser to 3 heal for our first kill? The farthest we ahve gotten is to 3rd phase, 10% hp out of sheer luck it seemed.

I thought it was a DPS issue and the slime was never to reach it's target, but apparently it can be okay if it does, usually it would hit its target with about 5-10% health left, other times it will die.

03-29-2010, 05:36 PM
From what I hear, people may be slow swapping targets. When using the tactic where the raid remains at the green slime side, all dps (including the tank) needs to swap to the slime as fast as they can, and everyone should be close enough to get to it fast.
If the green slime nearly kills you in it's first explosion, it's possible that not enough people are stacking on top of him.

The abomination can help dps the first slime down - he should be done eating slime and have the green slowed, and then he should be hitting the green mashing his special attack (which also has a sunder effect) on the green untill new puddles spawn.

After the explosion, all melee should immediatly run to dps the green again. Ranged can stay where they landed and DPS it (I don't see how this takes any coordination to be honest.) Nobody should be focusing on Putricide when the slimes are up. For healing issues, make sure that the tank receives his healing through a beacon so the paladin is able to spread some love around the raid as well (which is needed on the orange slimes especially,) his big heals should get the melee back up before the slime explodes a second time.

As for DPS ramp-up times, I'm not sure how much that effects your raid setup. I know my ret paladins tell me it's not viable for them to use a seal other then corruption, and for the rest I don't think it should be a huge issue to be honest. But maybe you should try with a destro lock instead.

If you have the dps to get down Festergut and Rotface, you should have the dps to kill the professor.

Lastly, if you have healing issues, get your druid healer back - staying alive is more important then doing dps fast in that fight, and the healing only grows more intense as the fight progresses.

03-29-2010, 07:37 PM
Planning to Fraps our Putricide attempt Wed/Thurs - I will post the video and look for some feedback, so far so good! Thanks for all the help everyone.

03-30-2010, 04:08 AM
We were successful with the "stack on green" method. We could never gurantee that the green slime wouldn't hit somebody so instead we just mad sure it hit everyone.

You know where it's spawning and when so have everyone group on that location. (TBH we actually only had melee and healers group, it's 70k dmg spread between those in range). After it's exploded once it should die before it hits the 2nd person.

The red slime is obviously kited and nuked by the range, kiting the slime through professor allows melee to do some dmg to it too.

2 healers is definitely the right number for phases 1 and 2, almost all the damage can be mitigated through raid awareness in the 1st 2 phases. I would also suggest 2 healers for phase 3 since by my calculations 5 stacks of PP debuff on a tank requires 28,000 HPS whcih cannot be countered by 3 healers.

03-30-2010, 03:21 PM
I've heard of people stacking all on one side but we've been simply switching side to side from day one. I suppose it could increase the dps more on Putricide with that approach.

Sounds like the green slime isn't the issue and it could benefit you switching to 3 healers. I haven't been in a group thats 2 healed this fight yet but our regular group usually has enough dps to kill him by the time the tanks have four stacks.