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03-26-2010, 05:43 PM
<MowTow> is currently seeking the following class/specs:

-Druid - Restoration, Feral (tank)
-Priest - Shadow with strong healing offset
-Shaman - Restoration

All other classes/specs are welcome to apply. We will always make room for exceptional applicants.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 5:00pm – 9:00pm pst (server).

Please visit our forums at MowTow.net

Current Progression:
25man ICC - 12/12
-25man HM ICC - 6/12
10man ICC - 12/12
-10man HM ICC - 8/12

Quick Facts:

85%+ attendance required.
We use Loot Council for loot distribution

Although we are a progression based guild, we only raid 3 nights a week. We are the farthest progressed Horde guild on our server, and are looking to fill out our roster with top quality players to push through the rest of ICC.

You may whisper the officers Ornate, Charmed, Nalera, or Protean in game for more info. I am also available (Idiaf) to answer any questions you have.