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03-24-2010, 02:42 PM

If you consider yourself a great player, have a passion for PvE content and want to raid with a group of driven, focused, and talented players, then please read on.

Outland Shadows is quite a casual raiding guild created in Burning Crusade to be a guild consisting of friendly players where we rate the social aspect of the game greater than raiding.
Although we might not be the most hardcore of guilds, our progress has always been good. We started October 2006 and had a good time raiding during Burning Crusade, clearing everything up to Sunwell before the nerf patches.

Since WotLK was launched, we cleared Naxxramas, Malygos and Sartharion (including 3 drakes), Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader. We are currently working on Icecrown Citadel(10/12). Our main progress is currently focused on Sindragosa. Our raid schedule has, and always will be 3 days a week. However just because we think Real Life > WoW doesn't mean we take it easy when we do raid. We expect everyone to come prepared with enough flasks/elixirs and food the night's progress. Our quite casual raid schedule yet modest progress reflects this.

Our raid times are:
- Thursday 19,00 - 23,00
- Sunday 19,00 - 23,00
- Tuesday 19,00 - 23,00

Please ensure you meet the following criteria before applying:
- You are mature enough (18 or older)
- You are emotionally stable
- You have a stable internet connection
- You have raiding experience
- You are able to raid till 23,00
- You prepare for raids (flasks, elixirs, potions, food)
- You understand English clearly and have access to Teamspeak
- You read up on tactics
- You have the correct addons installed and up-to-date (DBM, Omen)

We are currently have raid slots available for the following classes:
- 2x Resto
- 1x (any PVE spec)
- 1 Warlock (Any spec)
- 1x Holy
- 1x Holy/Discipline
- 1x Elemental
- 1x Enhancement
- 1x Restoration

However even if your class is closed feel free to apply if you are an exceptional player with sufficient gear.

For more information feel free to whisper any officer ingame
Or visit our website http://www.outland-shadows.com
Or apply on our forum http://www.outland-shadows.com/forum