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03-24-2010, 07:01 AM
Greetings, fellow denizen of the internet! Are you experienced in upper-level content but tired of dealing with long hours of wipes to break content or ridiculous drama over loot or egos? Look no further -- this could be the right place for you!

We Know Girls is a tight-knit raiding guild, currently residing on Arygos. Founded in the early days of MC, we have a long and rich history. For nearly five years we have avoided the typical tribulations common to high-end raiding. While we take progression seriously, having a good laugh can be more important to us than acquiring internet loot or hacking down internet pixels.

Current Progression: As of this writing we have cleared 9/12 Hardmode ICC. We also have A Tribute to Insanity and Death's Demise. Wowprogress puts us at US 90 or so. Pre-ICC we were US 89. We were higher on Mad Skill (US 61, World 136). We were US Algalon 115 or so. All in all, not totally terrible for a guild that raids at most four hours a night, at most four days a week.

Still curious? We also have achieved World 3rd Champions of Ulduar title in one of our 10 man runs. In 25-man, we are world 18th for Conquerer of Ulduar. Our guild has the only team on Alliance to get Deadly Gladiator's Frostwyrms - and one is on an alt. We run three 10-man ICC squads. We have numerous US-ranked player DPS rankings.

While we have a small roster, we have many Friends and former Members that still hang out, so guild chat is lively and there is often stuff going on outside of raids. So if you enjoy occasional BGs, some arena, gearing up alts, or running some heroics, we do all of that in abundance.

But wait, there's more! We're serious about what we do, but most of us are professionals outside of our gaming lives, know this is an outlet for fun, and treat it as such. If you like being around skilled, humorous, intelligent number-crunching players; if you dislike psychopathic leadership, crazy schedules, and unnecessary drama, check us out!

Further highlights:

1. Members are expected to meet 70% of our raid times. We raid four days a week, from Sunday to Wednesday (7-11 PM EST). We take the start time and the end time seriously. Note, however, that initiates may be expected to attend off-hours events like 10 mans/Heroics for evaluation. Also initiates are expected to make 90% of raids.

2. Hybrid DKP/Loot Council system. DKP reset for new tiers.

3. Small core of raiders to maximize usage of loot and consistency in learning and defeating encounters. We do not have a bunch of benchwarmers, and never have.

4. Rather than brute-forcing content, we compensate for our limited raid schedule through meticulous recruitment, planning, and the officers present the strategy for new content fully outlined with roles. If we don't have the comp or numbers we will call the raid, not waste people's time.

5. Individuals are expected to be adept at their own classes Theorycrafting. Do not apply if you do not know the subtle aspects of your class mechanics and gear choices.

We are looking to recruit:

***********1 Outstanding Fury Warrior***********
***********1 Amazing Mage or Warlock***********
***********Exceptional apps are always welcome***********

The following is expected of all applicants:

1. You must be ready to walk into ICC and perform.
2. You must be drama-free, yet with a good sense of humor.
3. You must have a good computer and a stable internet connection.
4. You will need to be highly motivated, teachable, and be willing to admit mistakes to learn from them.

If We Know Girls interests you, check out our website: WKG.ARYGOS.US

Post an application! For a private app, PM me (Carotid) on our forums.