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03-23-2010, 10:20 AM
Weak Sauce is a 25 man progression guild on The Forgotten Coast with mature, knowledgeable and self motivated raiders who know how to make the most of their raiding time. We raid three nights a week Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 PM - 1 AM EST (GMT +5). We use EPGP (http://www.epgpweb.com/help/system) for gear assignments with a 33% weekly decay.
Weak Sauce was formed in 2007 and has a reputable history on The Forgotten Coast throughout the Burning Crusade (TBC) and Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) expansions. Weak Sauce was the ranked #1 on the server during periods of TBC and also had the server first level 80. The guild was also one of the first guilds to clear Naxrammas and Ulduar in WotLK. The guild has recently been resurrected Jan 01 2010 and we look forward to exceeding our past achievements. We are currently 11/12 in ICC 25 at this moment. We have a really strong core and had some very nice proggression the past two weeks. We are currently recruiting to fill our ranks with quality raiders. www.weaksauce.guildomatic.com (http://www.weaksauce.guildomat.com)

Recruit Requirements:

If you are applying for a DPS class you have at least 9K DPS in 25 man raid buffed.
Know your class and rotations very well – To the point you could contribute to a knowledge base if you wanted. You likely spend time at a training dummy often in game perfecting your rotation.
Have past raiding experience – You come prepared and on time to raid with flasks, food and know have researched your roll in boss fights before we start raiding. You are not opposed to going onto the PTR.
You have Dual Specialization and supporting gear for raiding.
You have at least one crafting profession and a gathering profession at max skill.
You are a team player – The greater good of the group comes before anyone individual and you subscribe to this concept.
You are a mature adult – We place the emphasis and energy on enjoying our in game time not resolving conflicts. You bring facts to the table when using your voice not opinions.
Your computer and network connection are adequate enough to not affect the game play of others or yourself.
You have Ventrilo and a microphone.

Recruit Nice to Haves:

You are social and get along well with others. We are all on a first name basis here. If you are not social and do not get along well with others this is okay, every one of us is different! What is expected in this case is you do not cause conflict and are courteous to others. We are in the business of successful raiding we are not here to baby-sit or listen to an individual’s cries for attention.

We would like at this point:
Any skilled dps!

We will consider any exceptoinal applicants at any time. Our spots our competitive!!!!
Apply at www.weaksauce.guildomatic.com (http://www.weaksauce.guildomatic.com)