View Full Version : What 25man hardmodes are considered the loot bags?

03-22-2010, 04:47 AM
A lot of 10man hardmodes are easier than LK10 normal.

For 25m, what's the best order of hardmodes?

Is it marrow-gunship-prince-rot-fester->valithria for the hardmodes that are less difficult than LK25?

I mean 10% buffs are coming this week or next week, take that in consideration as well since that greatly affects fester/queen/val.

03-22-2010, 05:55 AM
From my raid's point of view I'd say gunship>marrowgar>rotface=princes=blood queen=valithria>festergut>saurfang(lolRNG)>deathwhisper(probably will get her next reset). We haven't attempted putricide and worked on sindragosa some (p1/p2 mastered, p3 is chaos still).

03-22-2010, 06:32 AM
Hi Beans! Yeah, being in the same raids as her I'd even elaborate it to (in my opinion):

-25 Player Heroic-
Gunship Battle
Lord Marrowgar (with 8 healers)
Blood Princes
Lord Marrowgar (with 6 or 7 healers)
Valithria Dreamwalker (with 2 or more Holy Paladin)
Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Valithria Dreamwalker (with less than 2 Holy Paladin)
Deathbringer Saurfang (with 2 or more Holy Paladin)
Deathbringer Saurfang (with less than 2 Holy Paladin)
Lady Deathwhisper
Lich King

-10 Player Heroic-
Gunship Battle
Lord Marrowgar (with 4 healers)
Valithria Dreamwalker (with a Holy Paladin)
Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Lord Marrowgar (with 2 or 3 healers)
Lady Deathwhisper
Blood Princes
Valithria Dreamwalker (without a Holy Paladin)
Deathbringer Saurfang (with a Holy Paladin)
Deathbringer Saurfang (without Holy Paladin)
Lich King

03-22-2010, 04:38 PM
Doesn't look to bad except IMO Put is easier then Sind on 10 man HM, but like most will tell you, 1 fight could be extremely easy for 1 guild and extremely hard for another, plenty of guilds got lady deathwhisperer but can't get festergut for example.

03-23-2010, 05:05 AM

Festergut (since 5% buff)
Blood Queen (since 5% buff)
Dreamwalker (since 5% buff)

These are all fights that I think any guild capable of killing Lich King 25 normal are capable of killing in only a handful of attempts (or 1 attempt for some).

03-23-2010, 08:57 AM
Apart from Gunship Battle which is incredible hard in HARDmode (it is, seriously!) I'd say:
Marrowgar (bring some healers)
Dreamwalker (you do not really need to stack holy paladins, works fine with shamans and druid as well)
Saurfang (with 2 or 3 holy paladins. you don't have them? skip it.)
Blood Princes (it's all about controll...)
Blood Queen
Sindragosa (restro druids are nice here...one shoted her in our first attempt in p3 with 25 alive...[after 30 wipes in p1+2])
Deathwhisper / Putricide (had not much tries on Deathwhisper / putricide seems to be a bit harder than the others, reached p3 only once in 30 trys)

03-31-2010, 07:57 AM
Our keyguy was late so we missed marrow, did gunship + rot tonight was ridiculously easy, fester seemed pretty tough and we just did norm.

Guess we'll do princes and queen tommoroz, hopefully queens easier than fester as long as noone goes full retard.

04-03-2010, 09:33 AM
We've just started doing attempts on hardmodes and the first 3 (Marrowgar, Gunship, and Rotface) as already mentioned are pretty much the unanimously determined lootbags.

We tried Princes next - we found it very simple and managed to get it down in... 4 or 5 tries, I can't remember, split over two nights. It went down fairly easy anyway. We went for Queen next, it took us quite a few attempts (12 I believe) - our DPS is by no means the best and we had a bit of trouble adjusting to the damage being more unforgiving but I honestly think now the buff is at 10% it shouldn't be a problem for most guilds.

Yet to try Festergut and Dreamwalker so we'll see on those.

04-04-2010, 11:11 PM
Depends on your strengths. Marrowgar and Gunship are incredibly easy.

Rotface requires a slightly modified strategy for a lot of guilds (using the Dances with Oozes strategy helps a lot), but with high DPS, this fight will also just fall over.

Princes can be challenging if your hunters and/or warlocks aren't on the ball. It's also very challenging if you have an overload of melee DPS - this obviously is not the place for them.

Dreamwalker gets easier with more and more healers. If you're a guild with 6-7 healers total, this'll be challenging. If you can bring 9-10, it's easy. We used 8 and it took us about 8-9 tries. Just leave 3 healers outside and put the rest in the portal. As long as they keep their stacks up and don't die to the DoT, they'll get it down.

Festergut can be really rough if your melee haven't practiced in the 10man. I highly recommend getting Deus Vox so that your screen flashes on every malleable goo cast. Your melee need to be constantly moving.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel depends a lot on how good your top-end DPS is. If you have people nearing the 14k mark or so, BQL will be pretty easy. It's absolutely brutal on healers.