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03-21-2010, 01:46 PM
Hello my dear Tankspotters.
After a few weeks of wiping on the Lich King 10-man Normal, my guild decided to change the tactic. In general I tank the horrors, but now they made me doing more and more things, and I want to ask if it's normal for this encounter.

First of all, the DK is tanking the Lich King, near the 'portal place'. I am a bit to the right of him, picking all the Horrors. But now they changed that I also have to constantly taunt all the ghouls near the Lich King. I can handle that, but now they want me NOT to kill the ghouls with Horrors, otherwise the Plague resets.
No idea how I am supposed not to kill them, since I reflect some damage and also the plague hits them. Also, I noticed that I taunt the ghouls, and use TC and Demo on them, and then some of them come back to the DK. There is not DnD at the place where I tank them. They also want me to AoE taunt all the ghouls while going to the 'edge phase', but on some of them I loose aggro somehow.

The reason I wrote this is to learn if such tactic is corrent, because it's pretty a lot of things to watch at the same time. Also, I hope for kind of tips what should be done if this tactic is wrong.

I really appraciate your response.

03-21-2010, 08:27 PM
Well #1 you should prolly learn that your "aoe taunt" isn't an aoe taunt, it only makes the mob focus on you for 6 seconds.

And you only need 3 ghouls on you from the start for the plague to never fall off and to kill the horrors by themselves.

03-22-2010, 02:24 AM
That's a completely normal tactic. I thought that is exactly what every raid did. The offtank just stands a bit away from the lich king, taunting ghouls 1 by 1 every taunt cooldown. Once you taunt the ghouls and smack them 2-3 times, they should all stick to you till the end of the phase (or till they die) as long as you thunderclap every so often. And yea, challenging shout isn't a "real" taunt. It does nothing to your threat on the mobs (doesn't shoot you to the top of the threat list like a normal taunt does). It just makes the mobs focus on you for 6 seconds, then they go right back to whoever has the highest threat. Just stand in your spot casually smacking the ghouls and thunderclapping on cooldown. Taunt one of the fresh ghouls each time your taunt is off cooldown and smack them twice, then go back to your thunderclapping. You should be fine.

03-22-2010, 10:46 PM
We just have a rogue to Tricks and FoK the ghouls to the tank when they spawn.