View Full Version : US Winterhoof <Blight> 11/12 ICC -- Need Ranged DPS, Prot Warrior

03-19-2010, 07:59 AM
<Blight> is a collection of long-time gamers that were playing MMOs together years before WoW. We strive to provide an enjoyable and drama free atmosphere, without hollering and Vent shenanigans. We are looking for long term additions to the guild, not cannon fodder. The average age in the guild is between 25-35. We are recruiting other mature (perhaps AARP endorsed) gamers looking to get content down and have a good time progressing.

T / W / Th : 8 - 12 server (CST)

We are specifically seeking reliable players who know their class. We want someone who enjoys doing their own class research. We want folks who are looking to integrate into the guild and be online for more than just raids.

-Shadow Priest
-Warlock (demo preferred)
-Prot Warrior

We will always take the time to read a well written application by a serious raider, even if your Spec / Class is not specifically listed.

How to apply or get more information:
-Go to here (http://blight.guildlaunch.com) to fill out an application.
-Contact Nyosis, Tydus, or Blackburn in game.
-PM me on these forums or send me an email at tydus.pullo@gmail.com.