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03-17-2010, 07:20 PM
Shadow Remains is a competitive endgame-raiding Guild on Earthen Ring (EST). We're composed mostly of working professionals and students, dedicated to PVE progression in a fun, friendly, and drama-free environment. We have a core of officers that have been together since almost the start of the game, ensuring guild stability. Some of our accomplishments are Pre-Nerf Muru, KJ before 3.0, and US 30th Sarth 3D 10man Kill. We have achieved heroic and non heroic Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Death's Demise, and Coliseum 25 Insanity.

Regularily ranked US 150ish at the end of each Raiding tier.

Our regular raiding schedule is currently Sunday through Thursday, from 7 pm to 11 pm server time (EST), or 6 pm to 10 pm server time (EST), depending on the day. With 10 mans being run on off nights. The past several weeks, we have been clearing content two nghts per week.

We're looking for a few more people to further round out our already tight raiding roster as we only recruit people when we have an active raiding spot available (Currently have a 28 member raiding roster). We want folks who raid for progression (hard mode content) and have a desire to see us through WotLK and into the next expansion.

We provide a raid allowance of flasks/tokens, potions, and repair gold. Your gems and base enchant components for your primary raid gear are also provided. We also have dividends allocated at 30 raid intervals. This is your share of all items/recipes sold by the raid within that time period, that's based on your attendance (payouts have been from 2000-4000 gold per person).

Here is the current list of classes we are searching for:

Updated: 3/11/2010

Need 2-3 dps. We are actively looking for a Tank.

Druids: Low
Hunters: Medium
Mages: Medium
Paladins: High (Retribution)
Priests: Medium
Rogues: High
Shaman: Medium
Warlocks: Closed
Warriors: Closed
Death Knights: Low

As always, exceptional players are encouraged to apply even if the class is at low or closed.

If you are interested in applying, please take at look at our website at: Shadow Remains :: View topic - README: How to apply / requirements / application template

If you would like to keep your application private, register on the website and PM your application to Murdog or Bando. If you have any questions, make a character on Earthen Ring and talk to Murdog, Bando, Sebryekov, or Javiar.