View Full Version : US [H]Sargeras <Pretty Hate Machine> -=8/12 ICC 25 - 11/12 ICC 10=- LF DPS +1Tank

03-16-2010, 03:43 PM
About Us:

Pretty Hate Machine is formed on the ideology that a hardcore raiding guild is not a clique but a team of individuals that strive to be the best. We expect our members to be driven, to be passionate, and to understand that the biggest challenge ahead is only the dedication of the team.

This guild is not for the faint of heart, our schedule is not "light" and our mentality is not "casual". We require 100% attendance of all active recruits and members. We are a competitive guild meaning that if you do not pull your own weight you will be replaced. We understand that real life does happen, but require that all members and recruits understand that when the team is down a player, the team has to adjust to change.

In terms of perspective recruits we are not against giving anyone a chance to prove their worth. Skill, situational awareness, and the ability to communicate effectively outweigh any amount of gear you may have. Gear is acquired through skill, that is our motto.

If you are afraid of going back to both TOGC and Ulduar then you need not apply. To establish ourselves as a hardcore raiding guild we will be going back to those raids to make a staple for ourselves as well as to acquire some of the still BiS trinkets that reside in those encounters.

Current Recruitment Needs: Core Spots! (Updated 3/16/10)

1 Tank w/Solid Off Spec
Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman

All other classes will be considered.

Our raid times (25 Mans):

Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs
7:00-11:00 CST (8-12 eastern, 5-9 Pacific)

Scheduled 10's and Alt 25's
Fri, Sat, Tues

-We want achievements, titles, and we plan on getting our drakes, do you?
-We like to raid late Friday and Saturday, if you do too, we want you!
-Website is here (http://thehatemachine.proboards.com)

PHM distributes loot via a Loot Council based system. The Loot Council will be comprised of both officers and elected members.

Get in contact with Roulétte in game for a vent interview! For more information contact, Syvil, Solitaěre, or Roulétte. If we're not around any member of the guild can direct you to one of our alts.