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03-16-2010, 10:01 AM
Ghosts of War is currently recruiting raiders to fill out our teams and to help us progress through ICC. Archimonde is a PvP CST (Central Standard Time) server which is physically located in Boston, MA. We have active raiders from Hawaii to Denmark, but the bulk of our playerbase comes from the PST and EST timezones.

Before getting to the list of needs there are a few things you need to know. GoW is a semi-casual guild of gamers that has existed in different MMO’s since 2002. Semi-casual means most of us have jobs, lives, homes etc…IE, we’re getting old. We have raiders that span the range of playstyles, from semi-hardcore to casual, but we are by no means a world-first cutting-edge WoW guild. We aren’t willing to recruit massive amounts of players just to pick the “l33t” and take them to raid so we (personally) can get better gear. We have teams to encourage competition as well as to encourage the growth of the guild as a whole. We are a very social guild, we try to stay in vent while we’re in game, and most of us are on a real-life first name basis with each other. Generally speaking, we’re friends, we get along, and we have no issue busting chops in vent during downtime, but we expect some decorum during bossfights in raids.

We don’t recruit anyone under the age of 18 (yes, we do make exceptions in some cases). We want our guild to be as homogeneous as possible, and most of us are 20+. This policy usually results in people who bring less drama, are more reliable, and that have less attitude problems. It also brings members who realize that this is a game, and that we have RL responsibilities that come before WoW, and that most of us come here to relax after work or on weekends. We still have a peak playerbase of anywhere from 10-25 people on during primetime, but not all of those people are raiding currently.

We currently run three 10 man raid teams. 2 are currently clearing content in ICC and the third is doing ToC to train newbies to raid and gear their toons for ICC. Our aim is to remove alts from each of our raid teams so we can put together a solid, all-guild 25 ICC over the next few weeks. Also, as the “O” and “W” team gear up and begin to progress more, we hope to add second raid nights to continue progression and clearing of content for those groups, as well as a second night for the 25 man raid.

We use a Suicide Kings loot system, and we use KonferSK as the addon to help make it as fast and painless as possible. We require Vent (even if you have no mic), Omen, DBM, and Decursive (if your toon can use it) to raid.

Raid Schedule
G Team (Tue/Sun 7:30-10:00 server)
O Team (Fri 7:30-10:00 server)
W Team (Wed 7:30-10:00 server)
25 Man (Thus 7:30-10:00 server)

Raid Team Needs
G Team (ICC) - Full
O Team (ICC) – Full (possible tank/dps or heal/dps needs)
W Team (ToC) - Tank, Heal, DPS

Class Recruitment Needs
Death Knight - Low
Druid - Moderate
Hunter - Closed - will take as alts but no raiders
Mage - Moderate
Paladin - Closed - will take as alts but no raiders
Priest - Closed - will take as alts but no raiders
Rogue - Open
Shaman - Open
Warlock - Moderate
Warrior - Open

Healers - Open (need 1-2)
Tanks - Open (need 1-2)

Players who maintain raid-worthy gearscores, specs and skills are what we are ideally looking for, and special consideration will be made for players that maintain DPS/Tank or DPS/Heals specs on their toons, as well as the gear that will allow them to progress in ICC. Also be aware if we recruit you to raid on a particular toon, that’s what you’ll be using until an opening your alt could potentially fill opens up. We don’t want the same person raiding in multiple teams on multiple toons.

Be aware that Archimonde as a server is in rough shape as far as population balance and active population (30% alliance, 70% horde w/2 active alliance to every 9 active horde). We are not going to switch to Horde nor switch servers (we’ve been here since release) and we hope to breathe some new life into the server on the Alliance side. Please be aware of this before transferring your character over.

If you are interested in joining up, please register on our website (http://www.gowgaming.com/index.php?name=Your_Account&file=register) and then apply in this thread. (http://www.gowgaming.com/index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewtopic&t=6725[/URL)