View Full Version : EU [A-EU] Established raid LF resto shaman / holy priest for ICC 10/12

03-15-2010, 11:42 AM
Soldiers of Azeroth are currently looking for an exceptional player to join our 25 man raid team on Aggramar EU.

Who are you?

Your main character is a resto shaman or holy priest. You like to raid heal and make those green bars fill up. You have some raiding experience and you're suitably geared for Icecrown.

You're looking to raid perhaps a couple of times a week. You enjoy your role and you like learning about encounters and how to improve your performance within a raid. You're motivated and can put some time into improving your character outside 25 man raiding.

You bring a positive attitude and enjoy a challenge!

Who are we?

SoA are a large guild with a good community and active forums. We've been around on the Aggramar server since 2005 and have been raiding successfully for several years, clearing BT and MH and a few Sunwell bosses in TBC.

We cleared all original content in WotLK including Sartharion with 3 drakes. In Ulduar, we cleared various hard modes including Freya+3. ToC is clear, up to Twin Valkyr down on heroic, and we're currently working on Icecrown (11/12 bosses down).

Our raid times are 20:30-00:00 on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday evenings. You don't have to be available for all three and there's no 'minimum' raid attendance. We have never cancelled a planned raid.

Find out more at http://www.soldiersofazeroth.net/