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03-14-2010, 08:18 PM
My guild has put Festergut and Rotface on farm status as of this week, we know we can down them in multiple groups on 10 man no problem, we currently have about two teams that are more progressed and will spend more time on other bosses but it is inconclusive as to which ones we should work on. One team has worked on Blood Prince Council and my group attempted Dreamwalker. Is there a specific order of difficulty for certain bosses in 10 man that would be worth attempting? The first wing is a push over and Festergut is horribly easy, Rotface takes a bit more practice for those not familiar with the fight as much. I have heard that a lot of guilds struggled with Putricide on 25 man but he is not as difficult on 10.

03-14-2010, 08:48 PM
Hey there Rennadrel

My guild is a 10 man guild that at one point were in a similar situation to you...

Our group put Festergut and Rotface out of the picture some time ago (release day infact), and from there the first thing we did was go to Professor Putricide. we didnt get him, but we didnt really expect to either, being the 1st week of his release etc

the next boss we actually killed was Blood Princes. after a few failed attempts at a 2tank / 1 lock tank raid comp setup, we decided to 2 tank it and have our warrior tank (me) on keleseth (the shadow bolt 'i kill you' guy) while our prot pala took care of the other 2. this seemed to work wonders, and 2-3 tries later we got it. once again, princes will require some notion of tactics, and perhaps some assignment of who should be dealing with the golden balls that fall to the floor (tip, a hunter is great there as they have instant casts in desperate times)

after princes we got valithria on 3/4 tries... then we went back to see putricide (not all in one night, over time :D)

ultimately its up to you guys to decide what you feel comfortable with... princes is 'nice' cuz its not so much a gear check and requires some nice tactics and planning (ie, its not as harsh on lower gear levels than for example, Blood Queen Lana'thel would be)
valithria is nice as long as your tanks can keep a hold of the adds and your 3rd healer (we run 3 healers - 2 in, 1 raid healer outside) is able to heal the raid while the other 2 fight for dreamwalker's love in the healing race

or if you just want to go for some tactics/gear/other fight, then putricide is waht you should do.

that said, if you need better gear on your <insert MT/OT/healer/dps here> and one of the 'next' bosses you can fight has some stuff they might like, perhaps thats also a viable option.

given that each guild finds each boss different in terms of diffisulty, i'd say it really is on the flip of a coin unless theres some bits+pieces i mentioned above that you think your group(s) could deal with.

i hope this helps