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03-14-2010, 02:54 PM
Age of Aggression is a structured adult (18 and older) 25 man content Hard-Core 3 night a week raiding guild, formed in 2007. The Guild is kept small by design, never more then 40 people on the roster at one time. We have always focused on raiding as efficient as possible with minimal hours/days spent. We are looking for like minded players that have the drive to succeed and are ready to push the guild further up the ladder in ICC.

We only raid 25 mans 10-12 hours a week but when we do raid its full speed. The kind of players that we are looking for are no different then the top guilds that raid 5 days a week, other then the simple fact that they only want to raid 3. Longevity is what we are looking for. Players that want to be part of a team and willing to adjust as the game changes. If you are competent and skilled and would like to push end game content 3 nights a week, we are the guild for you.

We are currently 4/12 Heroics cleared in 25 man and 9/12 Heroics cleared in 10 man.

Server: Illidan

Raid Times:
All times are Central Time(Server Time)
Mon off
Tues 10:00pm-1:30am Server 25 man
Wed 10:00pm-1:30am Server 25 man
Thur 10:00pm-1:30am Server 25 man
Fri off
Sat off
Sun off

Recruitment is open to all players that think they have the ability to out perform our current roster.

We are also looking for a geared Holy/Disc Priest and Holy Paladin that is interested in a weekend 10 man ICC group., To fill our 3rd 10 man team.

Our main focus is survivability. We are interested in players that have the ability to see new fights and adjust fast. A player that dies or takes excessive damage is a liabilty and will not make the cut.

Players that have not killed Anub in 25 man heroic need not apply.
Must be TOGC geared. Mainly ilevel 258 with the correct gear for your spec, roughly a 5600 gs give or take BIS items that are lower ilevel. (GS means nothing about a player but does give a you an idea of the gear level you would need to join.)

To apply visit www.aoa-guild.com
For more info whisper Deathound on the Illidan server.