View Full Version : US [Alliance][Zul'jin]<Imperative> 3 nights/week - 12/12 - Seeking RESTO DRUID + WARLOCK

03-14-2010, 12:17 PM
Imperative is a new guild on the Zul'jin server that started raiding January 5th. The guild is a completely original start-up - we're not a "branch off" from someone else. We started the guild tag on December 17th and are only a few weeks into 25man raiding. Our goal is to build up a core group of players who have a mastery orientation to the game and enjoy multiple facets of WoW.

While we have a light raiding schedule, we still are looking for players who approach raiding seriously. We're in the hunt for exceptional players to further build up our core. We do not tolerate poor play, so make sure you're good!

Raid Schedule:
Tues-Thurs, 8:30pm-Midnight EST

Our Progression:
ICC 25: 12/12
ICC 25 Heroic: 4/12
ICC 10: 12/12
ICC 10 Heroic: 9/12

Imperative Guild Website (http://www.imperative-guild.com) <-- Click Here

- Holy Priest
- Feral Druid
- Hunter
- Death Knight DPS
- Warlock

E-mail recruitment@imperative-guild.com, or contact Blacksen, Krisys, Faux, Rissara, or Kaydar in-game.