View Full Version : US [H-US-PVP] Paranoža of Illidan LFM! 7/12 ICC HM's.

03-12-2010, 04:40 PM

<Paranoia>, is a US Horde guild located on the #1 US server -- Illidan.

We are currently looking to tweak our roster with exceptional players

ICC 25 - 7/12 Hard Modes
ICC 10 - 9/12 Hard Modes
ToGC 25 Heroic - A Tribute to Insanity
ToGC 10 Heroic - A Tribute to Insanity
Ulduar 25 - Full Hard Mode clear

The classes we are currently looking for:
Tank: Druid or Pally
Ranged DPS: Hunter, Mage Druid, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Spriest
Melee DPS: Druid, or DK
Healer: Priest or Holy Pally

Of course, any exceptional applicant will be considered and we encourage anyone to apply that is willing to earn a core raid spot!

Applicant Expectations:

-You are highly skilled at your class and are consistently looking for ways to improve (reading forums, theorycrafting etc...)
-You are prepared at raids with all consumables (flasks, foods, pots etc...)
-You are prepared for new content, understand the strategies and have watched videos before the raid.
-You are available to raid consistently and have a good internet connection. 90% attendance is required.
-A thorough application - the more info you provide, the better.
-Consistency, yes this was stated before but we want to make sure you understand that you must consistently show up and perform on par with the best!

Items / Loot are distributed by a loot council.

Raid Times:
We raid from Sunday - Thursday 6 Central to 11 Central when not on progression. Raids might get extended when needed to finish up progression content.

Contacts: Aderalia, Mergleh, Kradnoh, Kajfdk