View Full Version : US US "A" Shadowmoon Cobalt Social Raiding guild.

03-12-2010, 12:43 PM
If you are a good person, have thought being in a social fun guild is a rare thing and that raiding successfully with that type of guild is not the norm.. I would like to recommend my guild Cobalt.
We are a Social mature bunch of pvp and pve players. As the Gm of Cobalt I have had the distinct pleasure of watching this wonderful group grow over the last 4 months. We have folks from all over the world. Brazillian, Great Britain and many from east coast and west coast and the midwest and the south.
Boys, Gals, Moms,Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands and Wives. Serious players and of course the comedic characters that make our vent life a blast. Our 3 lady, 3 gentleman officer team plus myself Watch over our fun group. WE are building for the future of Wow and the approaching Cataclysm. So if your looking for a fun experience come to Cobalt.guildzilla.com And register and apply and feel free to browse our fun photo gallery!

Note for those who raid.. we currently have 2 10man icc teams and will be forming a third ten man icc team as we build up to do a full guild 25man team. All classes and specs are welcome. what we do look for in a new member is someone who is willing to learn, is willing to dedicate to improving themselves with or without help. We reward those who are looking to share in the experience and who understand that to improve once self .. it requires a little bit of work.

Viciousjedi Gm of Cobalt.