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03-12-2010, 11:12 AM
For many World of Warcraft players, the introduction of the goblin as a playable race is a long-awaited dream: for while we have long had different races to fulfill the various roles for Lord of the Rings re-enactments, the character of Gollum had long eluded would be Lord of the Rings re-enactors. Prior to the goblin, the best that could be done was a troll (much to large) a gnome in a mask, or someone infected with the leper gnome wand.

But with the introduction of the goblin, we finally see the opportunity for a perfect casting call, bringing hope to Lord of the Rings re-enactment troupes across Azeroth. The further introduction of flying mounts in Azeroth means that eager fans will also be able to see the popular "flying Naz'ghul" and great eagles, currently only airing in shows in Outland or Northrend, coming to a capital city near them soon.

(The opinions above do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the author. The author of this short blurb has at no time taken part in such a re-enactment, nor made plans to do so at any time, past or present. This, perhaps, could have been a simple blog - but this way people can post their own venues and casting choices for various roles. Maybe, if I'm real bored someday, I'll go through the world, "filming" the Lord of the Rings with toons in Azeroth... but I highly doubt it.)

03-12-2010, 01:22 PM
My precious.