View Full Version : Warrior Arms warrior 4pT10 set...With or without tokens is it worth it at all?

03-12-2010, 08:18 AM
I'm finding that when I raid that fury is better for adds and fights that require movement. The 4 set bonus looks bad for fury warriors but might be alright for arms. The only two Icc25 fights that I use arms for are saurfang and festergut. So back to my point. I have the dps warrior T10 Helm, Shoulders, pants and gloves (got them from voa). I also have the crafted level 264 pants, the frost emblem gloves. I'll link my armory if I can figure it out...I'm fairly well geared. My question is for Jimmy (destruyen) or armed warriors who know this for a fact...Is the 4 set bonus for arms warriors worth it? It doesn't seem like a very good set bonus to me, and the crafted pants and frost emblem gloves look better overall. The second question is if I'm lucky enough to upgrade with tokens from Icc25 bosses does the 4 set bonus outweigh my other gear at that point? If the armory link shows up in my fury set, the only difference for arms is that I use the plate frost belt for the hit.

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Muffin Man
03-12-2010, 02:42 PM
I'm by no means an Arms warrior expert. But I'll share some things I've heard about the T10.

T10 (compared to equivalent ilvl gear) is BiS due to the very good itemization not the set bonuses.
The 4pc bonus is either buggy (if you get a SD proc before you start using your 4pc proc you only get to Execute once instead of twice) or just has a terrible proc rate.

03-12-2010, 03:09 PM
T10 (compared to equivalent ilvl gear) is BiS due to the very good itemization not the set bonuses.

pretty much this.

landsoul's sheet can't calculate the dps gain of using the 4pc yet since arms is very complex due to all the procs of the spec. but, equipping the helm, chest, shoulders and gloves on the sheet with arms gives the best dps result before the 4pc is even added. you can see this by putting 4pc on in the sheet, and then selecting "0" for the t10 4pc bonus and the dps does not change at all. deffinately use the crafted pants for the non-tier piece as arms since you don't need the expertise from the tier legs.

i haven't done any in-game testing yet since i still don't have my 4th piece. have 3 pieces atm but not switching away from 2pc t9 until i get my last 2 t10 pieces up to 264 ilvl.

updated bis arms list: http://www.wowhead.com/?profile=20751935