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03-11-2010, 08:14 PM
TDK (The Dark Knights (http://www.thedarkknights.com)) currently 7/12 ICC10N is recruiting more capable and dedicated raiders to fill our 25 man core.

We are currently looking for Tanks, DPS, and Healers.

Specific Roles Needed:

1 Enh Shaman
1 Boomkin
1 Resto Shaman
1 Holy Pally

Progression Schedule:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm to 11pm CST. However, we understand people have lives outside of WoW so 100% attendance isn't required.

What TDK has to offer you as a raider:

A fair and constructive raiding environment where your fellow raiders are your friends. We encourage team work and overall competency but we do it without berating or screaming at people.

A highly organized, experienced and dedicated leadership style that encourages team work and a tight knit raiding environment.

A community where you can also enjoy other games such as BFBC2, League of Legends and others during non-raid times.

What TDK expects from its applicants:

#1 You must be 18 years old minimum, as most of our current raiders / members are 20 - 25+.

#2 You must have and be able to use Ventrilo, that includes having a working and dependable microphone.

#3 You must have a stable and dependable connection to the game.

#4 The following addons are required:

Tanks: Omen, and Deadly Boss Mods.

DPS: Omen, Decursive (or other way of curing) and Deadly Boss Mods.

Healers: Decursive (or other way of curing) and Deadly Boss Mods.

OPTIONAL* EPGP so that you can see your standing in our loot distribution system. *OPTIONAL

#5 You must be able to provide your own consumables and enchant / gem your own gear.

#6 We use EPGP loot distribution system with loot council overseeing it, it's required that you familiarize yourself with this process. (For more information check this post out, EPGP! (http://thedarkknights.com/2010/01/20/tdks-loot-system/))

#7 It is expected that you already understand your class well enough to fill its role in our raids. This includes having a firm grip of your rotations for dps, knowing when to blow cooldowns etc... It's also expected that you have good working knowledge of basic raid mechanics, not standing in fires and being able to effectively communicate debuffs etc...

#8 You are required to have or be close to completing an entire set of Triumph Badge gear, that means you must have or be close to a full set of t9, trinket, ring, and ranged slot.

About us:

TDK(The Dark Knights) is a guild that's been around since December of 1997 back in Ultima-Online. Since the beginning we have been a guild that has focused on Quality and Teamwork above all else. Our guild motto is "Doing more, with less..." and it's a motto we have upheld in every mmo title we have participated in as a guild. The original leadership was a couple of friends from high school just hanging out after school. Since then it has progressed into a tight knit community which is still led today by the original leadership.

Apply Here! (http://www.thedarkknights.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3)