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03-11-2010, 08:48 AM
Who are we: Unconquered originally formed in 2001 in EverQuest on the Drinal server. When The Burning Crusade was release, Unconquered formally reformed on the Arygos server as a hub for our former EQ players to return to play with each other. Before this, the majority of our members were spread across several different servers within several different guilds. Unconquered members have always had the goal of maintaining a hardcore mentality, while adhering the the understanding that RL takes priority over a game. Typically Unconquered has targeted specific players we needed and pursued them individually. This will be our first big recruitment push using outside sources since the guilds creation in WoW.

Raiding: We raid 25-Man content on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Each night the raid begins at 1915 EST with invites starting no earlier than 1900 EST. Our members are required to know their classes/role inside and out. We also expect our members to do their own research on encounters if material is available prior to a content release. 10-Man content is run regularly throughout the week usually on off nights. Currently the guild is capable of putting together three 10-Man ICC runs a week.

We are currently recruiting for guaranteed raid spots. This means that if you can bring your A-game to every fight every attempt then you'll continue to hold your spot. If you find yourself being attracted to flames on the ground, feel the sudden urge to run bombs through the raid, or feel as though 5k DPS is "contributing to the raid" then you'll find yourself sidelined. Recruits will be expected to maintain 60% attendance over a 15-30 day period.

What we need: While we currently have specific class/role needs Unconquered has never shied away from taking exceptional players. If your class/role is not listed below and you feel as though you are an exceptional player who can bring something to the table then please post an application regardless.

1 Resto Druid
1-2 Warlocks
1 Holy Paladin
1 Holy / Disc Priest
1 Resto Shaman

Additional Information / Point of Contact: For any additional information please check out our website at www.unconquered.org (http://www.unconquered.org) or feel free to contact the following players in game.
Recruiting Officers: Ikkorus (alt Parry) and Cur