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03-10-2010, 05:55 PM


Classes We are Recruiting:
One Arcane Mage
One Combat Rogue
One Hunter
One Holy Paladin with a strong Ret offspec

Please note that Ordnance is always looking for exceptional applicants. So if you do not fit into the above catagories and believe yourself to be an exceptional raider then please feel free to apply.

Who is Ordnance?:

Ordnance is a raiding guild on Frostmourne that began at Wrath launch in November 2008. We are an organised guild that values our members and nurtures the friendly, social and fun environment that we posses. For this reason we are very careful with our recruitment and place high importance on the attitudes of our recruits. While we may be a more socially oriented guild this does not mean that we carry people, we expect all our raiders to be competetive in their roles and when defficiencies are struck upon we will either work to improve said defficiency or we will replace them.

For more information on who we are you can check our website here (http://www.ordnance-guild.org/forums/showthread.php?t=63)

Our Schedule:

We raid significantly less than other guilds (8-11pm Server time Wednesday, Sunday and Monday). With only three dedicated raiding days we are a guild that strikes a balance between the real world and the online one. While our raid weeks may be short we aim to use this time as efficiently as possible.

We also run two ten man teams on off nights for those who wish to have more raiding time.

Our Loot System:

We run a mix EPGP and loot council for our loot system (For the intricate details please check our website (http://www.ordnance-guild.org/forums/showthread.php?t=63)). For the vast majority of items we use EPGP and it's PR rating for items, this system promotes high attendance and also means that you can be competative on the PR tables as soon as the trial period ends.

Our Expectations from you:

Maintain 85% attendance, we run a small roster, we do not actively recruit for the bench and as such expect everyone to be able to turn up to every raid, on time, most weeks. We understand that things do come up from time to time and do make allowances.
Be able to stay online, DC'ers waste raid slots, you are useless to us offline.
Come to raids prepared (Consumables, Encounter research, etc).
Be competetive in your role. This means we expect you to perform to the standard that your gear allows, when we receruit we often take in more than we need and the best fitting applicant will get a spot.
Have the right attitude. This isn't really something that can be explained so much, however if your attitude does not fit in with our environment you will not be staying in Ordnance long (regardless of how well you perform) sometimes.

How to apply to Ordnance!:

If you have read through the above and believe Ordnance is the place for you then please head over to our website at http://www.ordnance-guild.org and complete our online application form. (http://www.ordnance-guild.org/forums/misc.php?do=form&fid=1)It is a long application form, however if you are looking for a guild who has strong performance, a strong friendly atmosphere and has a solid guild struture then it is well worth the effort.

If you have any question about the guild itself please feel free to contact any of our members in game, post on our forums or you can contact me, Rhyseh, here on Tankspot.