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03-09-2010, 02:36 PM
The Cool Club
EU - Dunemaul


The Cool club are recruiting serious and mature raiders. Players who submit a well executed application will be considered for a trial spot.

Specific Class Needs
Druid (Of any spec)
Priest(Holy / Disc)
Shaman(Enhance / Resto)
If you are not listed above, do not worry. We will look at all applications and if its a great application you've made it will be taken into special considerations even if your class is not needed.

Roles we need:
Tank - Paladin / Druid preferably
Healer - Druid / Priest / Shaman
DPS - Warlock / Druid / Shaman /

Raid Schedule
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.
Start times are 19:30 Server time (GMT+1) and ends at 23:00, we expect people to be online 15 minutes due to invites.

Raid Progress:
ICC10 - 6/12
ICC25 - 4/12
ToGC10 - 4/5 (41 attempts remaining)
- As of the date 9th March, 2010. You can keep yourself updated on Www.The-Cool-Club.Tk (http://Www.The-Cool-Club.Tk)

Why You Should Join Us
• We are gonna continue increasing our player base even after we expand to having a full 25-Man raid team, so that we can start raiding heavily when Cataclysm is released.
• We are a guild of mature raiders that are taking raiding very seriously and we want our members to be dedicated and active.
• We are willing to help you with providing mats for enchanting and such if your a contributing raid member.
• We require everyone to be on ventrilo during raids no matter what raid it is, even if its just basic stuff.
• We only accept applications of players under 15 years of age if they have a current Cool Club member vouch for him/her.

About The Cool Club:
We are a mature raiding guild that are also trying to have a friendly community going. We prefer players that will bring either the knowledge or the ambition to learn new encounters and keep theyr performance at a maximum. We expect our raiders to be prepared when the invites start at 19:15 which includes having all consumables ready for use, also we do not accept AFK's during the raid except in the 10 minute break from around 21:00. We are not the largest guild on the server, and quite honestly we do not wish to stay like that.

How do you join us?
You can leave an application at Www.The-Cool-Club.Tk (http://Www.The-Cool-Club.Tk) and if you choose to do so please make sure that you read our rules and guidelines before joining, also if you are left back with alot of unanswered questions dont hesitate to contact the guild staff which can be one of our 3 Guildmasters (Moniz, Effen or Expenzive) or one of the Officers (Metalion and Nirath)

You can also contact me via. PM =)